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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled From the Forest to the Sea: A Story of Fallen Trees.   [Image]: Cover of publication entitled The seen and Unseen World of the Fallen Tree.   [Image]: Cover of publication entitled Wildlife and Vegetation of Unmanaged Douglas-fir Forests.

GTR-229 (1998) From the forest to the sea: a story of fallen trees by C. Maser, R.F. Tarrant, J.M. Trappe, and J.F. Franklin, tech. eds. [Abstract]

Available in electronic format only(PDF).


GTR-164 (1984) The seen and unseen world of the fallen tree by C. Maser and J.M. Trappe, tech. eds.

This publication is in four parts and is available in electronic format only (PDF).


GTR-285 (1991) Wildlife and vegetation of unmanaged Douglas-fir forests by L.F. Ruggiero, K.B. Aubry, A.B. Carey, and M.H. Huff, tech. eds.

Available in electronic format only (PDF).

[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Safety in Bear Country: Protective Measures and Bullet Performance at Short Range.   [Image]: Cover of publication entitled Sampling Methods for Terrestrial Amphibians and  Reptiles.   [Image]: Cover of publication entitled Laminated Root Rot in Western North America.

GTR-152 (1983) Safety in bear country: protective measures and bullet performance at short range by W.R. Meehan and J.F. Thilenius [Abstract]

Available in electronic format only (PDF: 1.9 MB)



GTR-256 (1990) Sampling methods for terrestrial amphibians and reptiles by P.S. Corn and R.B. Bury [Abstract]

Available in electronic format only (683 Kb)


GTR-349 (1995) Laminated root rot in western North America by W.G. Thies and R.N. Sturrock [Abstract] (PDF: 544 Kb)


GTR-273 (1991) Methods for measuring populations of arboreal rodents by A.B. Carey, B.L. Biswell, and T.W. Witt [Abstract] Available in electronic format only


GTR-275 (1991) Sampling methods for amphibians in streams in the Pacific Northwest by R.B. Bury and P.S. Corn [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.



[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Landscape and the Intermontane Northwest: An environmental History.GTR-317 93-226 (1994) Volume I: Executive summary, by R. Everett, P. Hessburg, M. Jensen, and B. Bormann.


GTR-318 93-232 (1994) Volume II: Ecosystem management: principles and applications, by M.S. Jensen and P.S. Bourgeron, tech. eds.


GTR-319 93-202 (1994) Landscape and the intermontane Northwest: an environmental history, by W.G. Robbins and D.W. Wolfe.


GTR-320 93-203 (1994) Fire and weather disturbances in terrestrial ecosystems of the eastern Cascades, by J.K. Agee.


GTR-321 93-181 (1994) Management history of eastside ecosystems: changes in fish habitat over 50 years, 1935-1992, by B.A. McIntosh, J.R. Sedell, J.E. Smith, R.C. Wissmar, S.E. Clarke, G.H. Reeves, and L.A. Brown.


GTR-322 93-217 (1994) Biotic and abiotic processes in eastside ecosystems: the effects of management on plant and community ecology and on stand and landscape vegetation dynamics, by C.G. Johnson, R.R. Clausnitzer, P.J. Mehringer, and C.D. Oliver.


GTR-323 93-204 (1994) Biotic and abiotic processes in eastside ecosystems: the effects of management on soil properties, processes, and productivity, by A.E. Harvey, J.M. Geest, G.I. McDonald, M.F. Jurgensen, P.H. Cochran, D. Zabowski, and R.T. Meurisse.


GTR-324 94-004 (1994) Eastside forest management practices: historical overview, extent of their application, and their effects on sustainability of ecosystems, by C.D. Oliver, L.L. Irwin, and W.H. Knapp.


GTR-325 93-205 (1994) Effects of long-term use by big game and livestock in the Blue Mountains forest ecosystems, by L.L. Irwin, J.G. Cook, R.A. Riggs, and J.M. Skovlin.


GTR-326 93-206 (1994) Ecological health of river basins in forested regions of eastern Washington and Oregon, by R.C. Wissmar, J.E. Smith, B.A. McIntosh, H.W. Li, G.H. Reeves, and J.R. Sedell.


GTR-327 94-072 (1994) Historical and current roles of insects and pathogens in eastern Oregon and Washington forested landscapes, by P.F. Hessburg, R.G. Mitchell, and G.M. Filip.


GTR-328 94-066 (1994) Historical and current forest landscapes of eastern Oregon and Washington. Part I: Vegetation pattern and insect and disease hazards, by J.F. Lehmkuhl, P.F. Hessburg, R.L. Everett, M.H. Huff, and R.D. Ottmar.


GTR-329 93-207 (1994) Managing for featured, threatened, endangered, and sensitive species and unique habitats for ecosystem sustainability, by B.G. Marcot, M.J. Wisdom, H.W. Li, and G.C. Castillo.


GTR-330 94-063 (1994) Volume IV: restoration of stressed sites and processes, by R.L. Everett, comp.


GTR-331 93-224 (1994) Volume V: a framework for sustainable ecosystem management, by B.T. Bormann, M.H. Brookes, E.D. Ford, A.R. Kiester, C.D. Oliver, and J.F. Weigand.



[Image]: Cover of publication entitled The Forest and Agricultural Sector Optimization Model (FASOM): Structure and Policy Applications.RP-495 95-234 (1996) The forest and agricultural sector optimization model (FASOM): structure and policy applications, by D.M. Adams, R.J. Alig, J.M. Callaway, B.A. McCarl, and S.M. Winnett [Abstract].



[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Highlighted Scientific Findings of the Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project. GTR-404 97-137 (1997) Highlighted scientific findings of the Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project, by T.M. Quigley and Heidi Bigler Cole [Abstract].


GTR-405 97-138 (1997) An assessment of ecosystem components in the interior Columbia basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins, by T.M. Quigley and S.J. Arbelbide, tech. eds.


GTR-406 97-139 (1997) Evaluation of EIS alternatives by the Science Integration Team. Volumes 1 and 2, by T.M. Quigley, K.M. Lee, and S.J. Arbelbide, tech. eds.


CD-ROM. The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project: Scientific Assessment.


CD-ROMs. The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project: Project Data.

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