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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-971 (2018) Oregon’s Forest Resources, 2006–2015: Ten-Year Forest Inventory and Analysis Report, Marin Palmer, Glenn Christensen, and Olaf Kuegler, Technical Editors [Abstract] (8 MB)


GTR-967 (2018) Forests of the Tanana Valley State Forest and Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska: Results of the 2014 Pilot Inventory, by Robert Pattison, Hans-Erik Andersen, Andrew Gray, Bethany Schulz, Robert J. Smith, Sarah Jovan, tech. coords. [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-966 (2018) Synthesis of science to inform land management within the Northwest Forest Plan area, by T.A. Spies, P.A. Stine, R. Gravenmier, J.W. Long, M.J. Reilly, tech. coords.


GTR-964 (2018) Wood and Coal Cofiring in Alaska—Operational Considerations and Combustion Gas Effects for a Grate-Fired Power Plant, by David Nicholls, Zackery Wright, and Daisy Huang. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-963 (2017) Gene conservation of tree species—banking on the future. Proceedings of a workshop, by Richard A. Sniezko, Gary Man, Valerie Hipkins, Keith Woeste, David Gwaze, John T. Kliejunas, Brianna A. McTeague, tech. cords (12 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-962 (2018) Washington’s Forest Resources: Forest Inventory and Analysis, 2002–2011, by Justin Holgerson, Sharon Stanton, Karen Waddell, Marin Palmer, Olaf Kuegler, and Glenn Christensen, Technical Editors. [Abstract] (12 MB)


GTR-961 (2017) Spending patterns of outdoor recreation visitors to national forests, by Eric M. White (2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-960 (2017) OpCost: an open-source system for estimating costs of stand-level forest operations, by Conor K. Bell, Robert F. Keefe, and Jeremy S. Fried (4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-959 (2017) Economic sensitivity and risk analysis for small-scale wood pellet systems—an example from southeast Alaska, by David L. Nicholls (2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-958 (2017) Oregon’s Forest Resources, 2001–2010: Ten-Year Forest Inventory and Analysis Report, by Sheel Bansal, Leslie Brodie, Sharon Stanton, Karen Waddell, Marin Palmer, Glenn Christensen, and Olaf Kuegler (11 MB) [Abstract] Supplement


GTR-957 (2017) Recreation economic values for estimating outdoor recreation economic benefits from the National Forest System, by Randall S. Rosenberger, Eric M. White, Jeffrey D. Kline, and Claire Cvitanovich (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-956 (2017) Historical Forest Structure, Composition, and Spatial Pattern in Dry Conifer Forests of the Western Blue Mountains, Oregon, by Derek J. Churchill, Gunnar C. Carnwath, Andrew J. Larson, and Sean A. Jeronimo (7 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-955 (2017) Responses to climate change: What you need to know, by Kailey Marcinkowski and Chris Swanston [CD-ROM]


GTR-954 (2017) The geologic, geomorphic, and hydrologic context underlying options for long-term management of the Spirit Lake outlet near Mount St. Helens, Washington, by Gordon E. Grant, Jon J. Major, and Sarah L. Lewis (5 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-953 (2017) Community biomass handbook volume 4: enterprise development for integrated wood manufacturing, by Eini C. Lowell, Dennis R. Becker, David Smith, Marcus Kauffman, and Dan Bihn (42 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-952 (2017) Lichen communities as climate indicators in the U.S. Pacific States, by Robert J. Smith, Sarah Jovan, and Bruce McCune. (6.5 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-951 (2017) Life cycle assessment of wood energy for residential heating—opportunities for wood pellet production in southeast Alaska, by Allen M. Brackley, David L. Nicholls, Maureen Puettmann, and Elaine Oneil. (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-950 (2017) Climate change vulnerability assessment for the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai Peninsula, by Gregory D. Hayward, Steve Colt, Monica L. McTeague, and Teresa N. Hollingsworth (28 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-949 (2016) Community biomass handbook. Volume 3: How wood energy is revitalizing rural Alaska, by Dan Bihn (20 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-948 (2016) Tree voles: an evaluation of their distribution and habitat relationships based on recent and historical studies, habitat models, and vegetation change, by Eric D. Forsman, James K. Swingle, Raymond J. Davis, Brian L. Biswell, Lawrence S. Andrews (11 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-947 (2016) Lost Lake Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 48, by Reid Schuller, Bryan Wender, (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-946 (2016) Fish Creek Rim Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 50, by Reid Schuller, Ian Grinter (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-945 (2016) Federal outdoor recreation trends: effects on economic opportunities, by Eric M. White, J.M. Bowker, Ashley E. Askew, Linda L. Langner, J. Ross Arnold, Donald B.K. English (4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-944 (2016) Climate change and indigenous peoples: a synthesis of current impacts and experiences, by Kathryn Norton-Smith, Kathy Lynn, Karletta Chief, Karen Cozzetto, Jamie Donatuto, Margaret Hiza Redsteer, Linda E. Kruger, Julie Maldonado, Carson Viles, Kyle P. Whyte (1.4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-943 (2017) Integrating ecosystem services into national Forest Service policy and operations, by Robert Deal, Lisa Fong, Erin Phelps, tech. eds. (6 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-942 (2016) Oregon's forest products industry and timber harvest 2013 with trends through 2014, by Eric A. Simmons, Micah G. Scudder, Todd A. Morgan, Erik C. Berg, Glenn A. Christensen (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-941 (2016) Forest Landscape Assessment Tool (FLAT): rapid assessment for land management, by Lisa Ciecko; David Kimmett; Jesse Saunders, Rachael Katz, Kathleen L. Wolf, Oliver Bazinet, Jeffrey Richardson, Weston Brinkley, Dale J. Blahna (10 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-940 (2016) Characterizing a forest insect outbreak in Colorado by using MODIS NDVI phenology data and aerial detection survey data, by Charlie Schrader-Patton, Nancy E. Grulke, Melissa E. Dressen (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-939 (2017) Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in the Blue Mountains, by Jessica E. Halofsky, David L. Peterson, (32 MB) [Abstract] Gallery of interactive Story Map Application for the chapters


GTR-938 (2016) Elemental atmospheric pollution assessment via mossbased measurements in Portland, Oregon, by Demetrios Gatziolis, Sarah Jovan, Geoffrey Donovan, Michael Amacher, Vicente Monleon (12 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-937 (2016) An initial evaluation of potential options for managing riparian reserves of the Aquatic Conservation Strategy of the Northwest Forest Plan, by Gordon H. Reeves, Brian R. Pickard, K. Norman Johnson (18 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-936 (2016) Planning, implementation, and history of the first 5 years of operation of the Craig, Alaska, pool and school biomass heating system—a case study, by K. Petersen and Allen M. Brackley (11 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-935 (2016) Forest Service Research and Development: strategic vision for the experimental forests and ranges network, by Peter A. Stine (8 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-934 (2016) Tongass National Forest timber demand: projections for 2015 to 2030, by Jean M. Daniels, Michael D. Paruszkiewicz, Susan J. Alexander (3 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-933 (2016) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 20 years (1994–2013): status and trend of marbled murrelet populations and nesting habitat, by Gary A. Falxa, Martin G. Raphael, tech. coords. (8 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-932 (2017) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 20 years (1994–2013): watershed condition status and trends, by Stephanie A. Miller, Sean N. Gordon, Peter Eldred, Ronald M. Beloin, Steve Wilcox, Mark Raggon, Heidi Andersen, and Ariel Muldoon (34 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-931 (2016) Pushing boundaries: new directions in inventory techniques and applications: Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) symposium 2015. 2015 December 8–10; Portland, Oregon, by Sharon M. Stanton, Glenn A. Christensen, comps. (8.5 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-930 (2016) Grayback Glades Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 49, by Reid Schuller, Bryan Wender, and Rachel Showalter (13 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-929 (2016) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 20 years (1994–2013): status and trends of northern spotted owl habitats, by Raymond J. Davis, Bruce Hollen, Jeremy Hobson, Julia E. Gower, David Keenum (15 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-928 (2016) Estimates of wood energy demand for residential use in Alaska: an update, by Jean M. Daniels, Michael D. Paruszkiewicz (3 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-926 (2016) MCFire model technical description, by David R. Conklin, James M. Lenihan, Dominique Bachelet, Ronald P. Neilson, John B. Kim (2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-925 (2016) Smoke management photographic guide: a visual aid for communicating impacts, by Joshua C. Hyde, Jarod Blades, Troy Hall, Roger D. Ottmar, Alistair Smith (6 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-924 (2015) Economic and environmental benefits of community-scale cordwood hydronic heaters in Alaska—three case studies, by David L. Nicholls, Allen M. Brackley, Daniel J. Parrent (3 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-923 (2015) Climate change through an intersectional lens: gendered vulnerability and resilience in indigenous communities in the United States, by Kirsten Vinyeta, Kyle Powys Whyte, Kathy Lynn. (2.1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-922 (2016) Case study comparison of two pellet heating facilities in southeastern Alaska, by David Nicholls, Allen Brackley, Robert Deering, Daniel Parrent, Brian Kleinhenz, Craig Moore, (9 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-921 (2015) Urban forest restoration cost modeling: a Seattle natural areas case study, by Jean M.Daniels, Weston Brinkley, Michael D. Paruszkiewicz (4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-920 (2015) Community biomass handbook. Volume 2: Alaska, where woody biomass can work, by Eini C. Lowell, Daniel J. Parrent, Robert C. Deering, Dan Bihn, and Dennis R. Becker. (13 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-919 (2016) A spatial database for restoration management capability on national forests in the Pacific Northwest USA, by Chris Ringo, Alan A. Ager, Michelle A. Day, Sarah Crim (6 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-918 (2015) Greenhouse gas emissions versus forest sequestration in temperate rain forests—a southeast Alaska analysis, by David Nicholls, Trista Patterson. (4.7 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-917 (2016) A climate adaptation strategy for conservation and management of yellowcedar in Alaska, by Paul E. Hennon, Carol M. McKenzie, David V. D’Amore, Dustin T. Wittwer, Robin L. Mulvey, Melinda S. Lamb, Frances E. Biles, Rich C. Cronn (20 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-916 (2015) Climate change effects on forests and grasslands: What you need to know, by Kailey Marcinkowski, and Chris Swanston [CD-ROM]


GTR-915 (2015) Silviculture and monitoring guidelines for integrating restoration of dry mixed-conifer forest and spotted owl habitat management in the eastern Cascade Range, by John Lehmkuhl, William Gaines, Dave W. Peterson, John Bailey, Andrew Youngblood, tech. eds. (4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-914 (2015) Fire in upper Midwestern oak forest ecosystems: an oak forest restoration and management handbook, by Lee E. Frelich, Peter B. Reich, David W. Peterson (10 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-913 (2016) California’s forest resources: Forest Inventory and Analysis, 2001–2010, by Glenn A. Christensen, Karen L. Waddell, Sharon M. Stanton, Olaf Kuegler tech.eds. (12 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-912 (2015) Using forest knowledge: how silviculture can benefit from ecological knowledge systems about beargrass harvesting sites, by S. Hummel, F.K. Lake, A. Watts (3 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-911 (2015) Northwest Forest Plan–the first 20 years (1994-2013): status and trends of late-successional and old-growth forests, by Raymond J. Davis, Janet L. Ohmann, Robert E. Kennedy, Warren B. Cohen, Matthew J. Gregory, Zhiqiang Yang, Heather M. Roberts, Andrew N. Gray, Thomas A. Spies (10 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-910 (2015) Assessing managment of raptor predation management for snowy plover recovery, by Bruce G. Marcot, Daniel C. Elbert (2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-909 (2016) Annotated bibliography of the red tree vole (Arborimus longicaudus), Sonoma tree vole (A. pomo), and white-footed vole (A. albipes), by James K. Swingle, Eric D. Forsman, comps. (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-908 (2015) California’s forest products industry and timber harvest, 2012, by Chelsea P. McIver, Joshua P. Meek, Micah G. Scudder, Colin B. Sorenson, Todd A. Morgan, Glenn A. Christensen (9.0 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-907 (2017) Terrestrial species viability assessments for national forests in northeastern Washington, by William L. Gaines, Barbara C. Wales, Lowell H. Suring, James S. Begley, Kim Mellen-McLean, and Shawne Mohoric (7 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-906 (2015) Top-down and bottom-up approaches to greenhouse gas inventory methods—a comparison between national- and forest-scale reporting methods, by David Nicholls, Frank Barnes, Felicia Acrea, Chinling Chen, Lara Y. Buluç, Michele M. Parker (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-905 (2015) Urban green space and vibrant communities: exploring the linkage in the Portland-Vancouver area, by Edward A. Stone, JunJie Wu, Ralph Alig (3.6 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-904 (2015)The Dynamic General Vegetation Model MC1 over the United States and Canada at a 5-arcminute resolution: model inputs and outputs, by Raymond J. Drapek; John B. Kim, Ronald P. Neilson (3.6 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-903 (2014) Alaska’s timber harvest and forest products industry, 2011, by Erik C. Berg, Charles B. Gale,Todd A. Morgan, Allen M. Brackley, Charles E. Keegan, Susan J. Alexander, Glenn A. Christensen, Chelsea P. McIver, Micah G. Scudder (985 KB) [Abstract]


GTR-902 (2014) Climate change science and modeling: What you need to know, by Kailey Marcinkowski, and Chris Swanston [CD-ROM]


GTR-900 (2014) Climate change effects on vegetation in the Pacific Northwest: a review and synthesis of the scientific literature and simulation model projections, by David W. Peterson, Becky K. Kerns, Erich K. Dodson (3 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-899 (2014) Community biomass handbook. Volume I: Thermal wood energy, by D. Becker, E. Lowell, D. Bihn, R. Anderson, S. Taff (70.2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-898 (2014) Forest products cluster development in central Arizona—implications for landscape-scale forest restoration, by David Nicholls (650 KB) [Abstract]


GTR-897 (2014) The ecology and management of moist mixed-conifer forests in eastern Oregon and Washington: a synthesis of the relevant biophysical science and implications for future land management, by Peter Stine, Paul Hessburg, Thomas Spies, Marc Kramer, Christopher J.Fettig, Andrew Hansen, John Lehmkuhl, Kevin O’Hara, Karl Polivka, Peter Singleton, Susan Charnley, Andrew Merschel, Rachel White. (8 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-896 (2014) Integrating social, economic, and ecological values across large landscapes, by Jessica E. Halofsky, Megan K. Creutzburg, Miles A. Hemstrom, eds. (7 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-895 (2014) Round Top Butte Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 46, by Marcia L. Wineteer, Reid Schuller (5 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-894 (2014) North Fork Silver Creek Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 47, by Reid Schuller, Rachel Showalter, Tom Kaye, Beth Lawrence (1.55 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-893 (2014) Stereo photo series for quantifying natural fuels. Volume XIII: grasslands, shrublands, oak-bay woodlands, and eucalyptus forests in the East Bay of California, by Clinton S. Wright, and Robert E. Vihnanek [Abstract] (7 MB)


GTR-892 (2014) Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in the North Cascades region, Washington, by Crystal L. Raymond, David L. Peterson, Regina M. Rochefort, eds. [Abstract] (9 MB)


GTR-891 (2016) Synthesis of knowledge of extreme fire behavior: volume 2 for fire behavior specialists, researchers, and meteorologists, by Paul A. Werth, Brian E. Potter, Martin E. Alexander, Craig B. Clements, Miguel G. Cruz, Mark A. Finney, Jason M. Forthofer, Scott L. Goodrick, Chad Hoffman, W. Matt Jolly, Sara S. McAllister, Roger D. Ottmar, Russell A. Parsons [Abstract] (6 MB)


GTR-890 (2014) Managing heart rot in live trees for wildlife habitat in young-growth forests of coastal Alaska, by Paul E. Hennon, Robin L. Mulvey [Abstract] (1.6 MB)


GTR-889 (2014) Storage and flux of carbon in live trees, snags, and logs in the Chugach and Tongass National Forests, by Tara M. Barrett [Abstract] (8.0 MB)


GTR-888 (2014) New cost estimates for carbon sequestration through afforestation in the United States, by Anne Sofie Elburg Nielsen, Andrew J. Plantinga, Ralph J. Alig [Abstract] (3.0 MB)


GTR-887 (2013) Fuel Characteristic Classification System version 3.0: technical documentation, by Susan J. Prichard, David V. Sandberg, Roger D. Ottmar, Ellen Eberhardt, Anne Andreu, Paige Eagle, Kjell Swedin [Abstract] (7.0 MB)


GTR-886 (2013) Energy efficiency in U.S. Forest Service facilities: a multiregion review, by Rachelle S. Meyer, David L. Nicholls, Trista M. Patterson, Rachel E. White [Abstract] (1.0 MB)


GTR-885 (2013) Lignocellulose to transportation fuels—historical perspectives and status of worldwide facilities in 2010–2011, by John Zerbe, David Nicholls [Abstract] (223 KB)


GTR-884 (2013) Assessing the vulnerability of watersheds to climate change: results of national forest watershed vulnerability pilot assessments, by Michael J. Furniss, Ken B. Roby, Dan Cenderelli, John Chatel, Caty F. Clifton, Alan Clingenpeel, Polly E. Hays, Dale Higgins, Ken Hodges, Carol Howe, Laura Jungst, Joan Louie, Christine Mai, Ralph Martinez, Kerry Overton, Brian P. Staab, Rory Steinke, and Mark Weinhold. Appendix.[Abstract] (2.7 MB)


GTR-883 (2013) Estimation of national forest visitor spending averages from National Visitor Use Monitoring: round 2. by Eric M. White, Darren B. Goodding and Daniel J. Stynes. [Abstract] (875 KB)


GTR-882 (2013) Community Energy Management in Sitka, Alaska What Strategies Can Help Increase Energy Independence?. by David Nicholls and Trista Patterson. [Abstract] (710 KB)


GTR-881 (2013) Changes in land use and housing on resource lands in Washington state, 1976–2006, by Andrew N. Gray, David L. Azuma, Gary J. Lettman, Joel L. Thompson, Neil McKay [Abstract]


GTR-880 (2013)Density Management in the 21st Century: West Side Story, by Paul D. Anderson, Kathryn L. Ronnenberg, eds. [Abstract] (11 MB)


GTR-879 (2013) Exploring the role of traditional ecological knowledge in climate change initiatives by Kirsten Vinyeta and Kathy Lynn. [Abstract] (447 KB)


GTR-878 (2012) Photo series for quantifying natural fuels. Volume XI: eastern Oregon sagebrush-steppe and northern spotted owl nesting habitat in the Pacific Northwest by Clinton S. Wright, Robert E. Vihnanek, Joseph C. Restaino, Jon E. Dvorak. [Abstract] (4 MB)


GTR-877 (2013) ArcFuels User Guide and Tutorial: for use with ArcGIS 9 by Nicole M. Vaillant, Alan A. Ager, John Anderson and Lauren Miller [Abstract](16 MB)


GTR-876 (2013) Mohawk Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 45 by Reid Schuller [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-875 (2013) ArcFuels10 system overview by Nicole M. Vaillant, Alan A. Ager, and John Anderson. [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-874 (2013) Upper Elk Meadows Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 43. by Reid Schuller and Cheshire Mayrsohn. [Abstract] (8 MB)


GTR-873 (2013) Fox Hollow Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 44 by Reid Schuller [Abstract] (5.8 MB)


GTR-872 (2013) Biomass production on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, Washington: updated logging residue ratios, slash pile volume-to-weight ratios, and supply curves for selected locations byJason C. Cross, Eric C. Turnblom, and Gregory J. Ettl [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-871 (2013) A photographic guide to Acacia koa defects by Eini C. Lowell, Janice K. Wiedenbeck, and Betsy S. Porterfield [Abstract] (10.8 MB)


GTR-870 (2013) Effects of climatic variability and change on forest ecosystems: a comprehensive science synthesis for the U.S. forest sector by James M. Vose, David L. Peterson, Toral Patel-Weynand and eds. [Abstract] (7 MB)


GTR-869 (2012) Proceedings of the First Landscape State-and-Transition Simulation Modeling Conference, June 14–16,2011, Portland, Oregon by Becky K. Kerns, Ayn J. Shlisky, and Colin J. tech. eds. [Abstract] (7 MB)


GTR-868 (2012) Oregon’s forest products industry and timber harvest, 2008: industry trends and impacts of the Great Recession through 2010 by Charles B. Gale, Charles E. Keegan, Erik C. Berg, Jean Daniels, Glenn A. Christensen, Colin B. Sorenson, Todd A. Morgan and Paul Polzin. [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-867 (2012) Cofiring biomass and coal for fossil fuel reduction and other benefits–Status of North American facilities in 2010 by Davide Nicholls and John Zerbe. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-866 (2012) California’s forest products industry and timber harvest, 2006 by Todd A. Morgoan, Jason P. Brandt, Kathleen E. Songster, Charles E. Keegan III, and Glenn A. Christensen. [Abstract] (5.5 MB)


GTR-865 (2012) Evaluating tradeoffs among ecosystem services in the management of public lands by Jeffrey D. Kline and Marisa J. Mazzotta. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-864 (2012) Natural and cultural history of beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax) by Susan Hummel, Jordan Foltz and Sophia Polasky.[Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-863 (2012) Synthesis of wind energy development and potential impacts on wildlife in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington. [Abstract] (2.1 MB)


GTR-862 (2012)Adaptations to climate change: Colville and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests by William L. Gaines, David W. Peterson, Cameron A. Thomas and Richy J. Harrod. [Abstract] (763 KB)


GTR-861 (2012) The Asian Wood Pellet Markets by Joseph A. Roos, and Allen M. Brackley. [Abstract] (1.4 MB)


GTR-860 (2012) Principal short-term findings of the National Fire and Fire Surrogate study by James McIver, Karen Erickson, and Andrew Youngblood. [Abstract] (1.6 MB)


GTR-859 (2012) Overview and example application of the Landscape Treatment Designer by Alan A. Ager, Nicole M. Vaillant, David E. Owens, Stuart Brittain, and Jeff Hamann. [Abstract] (3 MB)


GTR-858 (2012) Forage resource evaluation system for habitat—deer: an interactive deer habitat model by Thomas A. Hanley, Donald E. Splinger, Kenrick J. Mock, Oran L. Weaver, and Grant M. Harris. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-857 (2011) Harvest, employment, exports, and prices in Pacific Northwest forests, 1965–2010 by Debra D. Warren. [Abstract] (800 KB)


GTR-856 (2012) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 15 years (1994–2008): watershed condition status and trend by Steven H. Lanigan, Sean N. Gordon, Peter Eldred, Mark Isley, Steve Wilcox, Chris Moyer, Heidi Andersen, . [Abstract] (13 MB)


GTR-855 (2011) Responding to climate change in national forests: a guidebook for developing adaptation options by David L. Peterson, Connie I. Millar, Linda A. Joyce, Michael J. Furniss, Jessica E. Halofsky, Ronald P. Neilson, and Toni Lyn Morelli. [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-854 (2011) Synthesis of knowledge of extreme fire behavior: volume I for fire managers, by Paul A.Werth, Brian E.Potter, Craig B. Clements, Mark A. Finney, Scott L. Goodrick, Martin E. Alexander, Miguel G. Cruz, Jason A. Forthofer, Sara S. McAllister. [Abstract] (4 MB)


GTR-853 (2011) Northwest Forest Plan–the first 15 years (1994–2008): status and trends of late-successional and old-growth forests by Melinda Moeur, Janet L.Ohmann, Robert E. Kennedy, Warren B.Cohen, Matthew J. Gregory, Zhiqiang Yang, Heather M. Roberts, Thomas A. Spies, and Maria Fiorella. [Abstract] (2.6 MB)


GTR-852 (2011) Ecosystem services as a framework for forest stewardship: Deschutes National Forest overview by Nikola Smith, Robert Deal, Jeff Kline, Dale Blahna, Trista Patterson, Thomas A. Spies, and Karen Bennett. [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-851 (2011) Nontimber forest products in the United States: Montreal Process indicators as measures of current conditions and sustainability by Susan J. Alexander, Sonja N. Oswalt, Marla R. Emery. [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-850 (2011) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 15 years (1994–2008): status and trends of northern spotted owl populations and habitats, by Raymond J. Davis, Katie M. Dugger, Shawne Mohoric, Louisa Evers, William C. Aney. [Abstract] (9 MB)


GTR-849 (2012) Gathering in the city: an annotated bibliography and review of the literature about human-plant interactions in urban ecosystems by R.J. McLain, K. MacFarland, L. Brody, J. Hebert, P. Hurley, M. Poe, L.P. Buttolph, N.Gabriel, M. Dzuna, M.R. Emery and S. Charnley. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-848 (2011) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 15 years (1994–2008): status and trend of nesting habitat for the marbled murrelet, by Martin G. Raphael, Gary A. Falxa, Katie M. Dugger, Beth M. Galleher, Deanna Lynch, Sherri L. Miller, S. Kim Nelson, and Richard D. Young. [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-847 (2012) User's guide to SNAP for ArcGIS®: ArcGIS interface for scheduling and network analysis program by Woodam Chung, Dennis Dykstra, Fred Bower, Stephen O’Brien, Richard Abt, ; and John Sessions. [Abstract] (3 MB)


GTR-846 (2011) Toward understanding the ecological impact of transportation corridors by Victoria J. Bennett, Winston P.Smith and Matthew G. Betts. [Abstract] (804 KB)


GTR-845 (2011) Production of wood pellets from Alaska-grown white spruce and hemlock by Allen M. Brackley and Daniel J. Parrent. [Abstract] (1.38 MB)


GTR-844 (2011) Adapting to climate change at Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park by Jessica E. Halofsky, David L. Peterson, Kathy A. O’Halloran, Catherine Hawkins Hoffman, eds. [Abstract] (4 MB)


GTR-843 (2011) Camas Swale Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 42 by Reid Schuller[Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-842 (2011) Giving credit where credit is due: increasing landowner compensation for ecosystem services by Gina L. LaRocco and Robert L. Deal. [Abstract] (797 KB)


GTR-841 (2011)A landscape model for predicting potential natural vegetation of the Olympic Peninsula USA using boundary equations and newly developed environmental variables by Jan A. Henderson, Robin D. Lesher, David H. Peter and Chris D. Ringo. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-840 (2011) Evaluating soil risks associated with severe wildfire and ground-based logging by Keith M. Reynolds, Paul F. Hessburg, Richard E. Miller and Robert T. Meurisse. [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-839 (2011) Trends in global shipping and the impact on Alaska’s forest products., by Joseph A. Roos, Allen M. Brackley, Daisuke Sasatani [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-838 (2011) Social vulnerability and climate change: synthesis of literature, by Kathy Lynn, Katharine MacKendrick, Ellen M. Donoghue [Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-837 (2011)Effects of climate change on natural resources and communities: a compendium of briefing papers by Ralph J. Alig.[Abstract] (3 MB)


GTR-836 (2011) Cap and trade: offsets and implications for Alaska by Joseph A.Roos,Valerie Barber, and Allen M. Brackley.[Abstract] (1 MB)


GTR-835 (2011) Forests of southeast and south-central Alaska, 2004–2008: five-year forest inventory and analysis report by M.Barrett, Tara ; Christensen, Glenn A., tech. eds.[Abstract] (6 MB)


GTR-834 (2011) Cherry Creek Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 41 by Reid Schuller, Jennie Sperling, and Tim Rodenkirk.[Abstract] (4 MB)


GTR-833 (2010) Economic modeling of effects of climate change on the forest sector and mitigation options: a compendium of briefing papers by Ralph J. Alig.[Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-832 (2012) Socioeconomic assessment of Forest Service American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects: key findings and lessons learned by Susan Charnley. [Abstract] (4.8 MB)


GTR-831 (2011) A socioeconomic assessment of Forest Service American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects: eight case studies. by Susan Charnley, Pamela Jakes, John Schelhas.[Abstract] (2 MB)


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in central Oregon, by Les Joslin [Abstract] (2.70 MB)


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research and management, by Linda E. Kruger, Rhonda Mazza, Kelly Lawrence, eds. [Abstract] (2.95 MB)


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community on the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, 1948-2000, by Max G. Geier [Abstract]


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