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Collaboration Trainings

Pinchot Institute for Conservation
Course: Leadership: Mobilizing People to Act

BLM Training Center: The Partnership Series
Course: Community-based Partnerships and Ecosystems for a Healthy Environment

StrategyWorks, Inc.
Courses: Offers numerous courses in Partnership and Alliance Building, Collaboration, Vision and Strategic Direction.

CDR Associates
Courses: Collaborative Natural Resource Management, Resolving Public Policy Conflicts, Natural Resource Conflict Management, Collaborative Meeting Design and Facilitation, and many more.

Courses: Beyond Training: Collaborative Leadership Coaching and Peer Learning Program, Work Group Leadership, Negotiating Environmental Disputes.

Integrations 5209
Course: Collaborative Stewardship: Creating Productive Relationships with People and the Land

ICA Associates
Courses: Group Facilitation; Facilitated Planning; Participation Paradigm; Community Development Intensive; The Art and Science of Participation.

Institute for Conservation Leadership 
Courses: Training on all phases of the collaborative process is custom designed for the client, including long-term support to groups engaged in specific collaborative efforts.

Institute for Environmental Negotiation (IEN), University of Virginia
Offers case-specific mediation, research, and training.

Institute for Participatory Management and Policy (IPMP)
Courses: SDIC: Systematic Development of Informed Consent; CPO: Citizen Participation-by-Objectives; Leadership: in Guiding a Public-Sector Decision-Making Process. International, Inc.
Courses: Participatory Development Concepts, Tools And Application In PRA Methods; Participatory Monitoring And Evaluation Workshop; Advanced Facilitator’s Retreat.

NTL Institute
Courses: Collaborative Negotiation and Conflict Management Strategies; Advanced Group Process Consultation; Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams.

The Sonoran Institute

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution
ECR does not provide training but does assist federal agencies with specific natural resource conflicts.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife National Conservation Training Center
Courses: Working through Conflict; Negotiation Strategies and Techniques; Complex Environmental Negotiation; Community-Based Consensus Building.

Washington State University: Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (CSANR)
Course: Workshops for Sustainability: Creating a Sustainable Future for Fish, Water and People.

Other Resources

Social Science to Improve Fuels Management: A Synthesis of Research on Collaboration (GTR NC-257)
This 84-page report has a good set of cases studies and the lead author, a silviculturist, was among 2 research scientists who participated in the collaborative process that resulted in the region’s northern goshawk guidelines of about 15 years ago. See