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National Strategy
Open Space vision for the 21 century

The Open Space Conservation Strategy charts a path forward for the Forest Service to work in partnership to address the loss of open space. It provides a framework to strengthen existing and focus on new conservation actions across the agency at national, regional, and local levels. 

The Forest Service is only one of many dedicated landowners, governments, and organizations working to conserve open space across the country. The Forest Service implements the strategy by working in partnership with these groups to promote voluntary land conservation.

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The Four Priority Actions outlined in the Strategy include:

  1. Convene partners to identify and protect priority open space
  2. Promote national policies and markets to help private landowners conserve open space
  3. Provide resources and tools to help communities expand and connect open spaces
  4. Participate in community growth planning to reduce ecological impacts and wildfire risks


New Reports on Implementation of the Open Space Conservation Strategy

The strategy is implemented through a grassroots approach to encourage continual learning, innovations, and engagement by all levels of the Forest Service. Several surveys were completed to identify how the agency is engaging in open space conservation. You can learn more about the Forest Service approach to open space conservation by reviewing these reports and exploring this website.

  1. Get a quick overview of survey results
  2. Read our Full-length summary
  3. Access detailed reports on surveys of:

Learn how Forest Service planners and district rangers are providing input to local community development plans.

For more information about the strategy:

Frequently Asked Questions Get answers to frequently asked questions about the loss of open space and the Open Space Conservation Strategy.

Press Release Announcement of the Open Space Conservation Strategy.

Summary of Public Comments The Open Space Conservation Strategy was developed with substantial input from the public, employees, and partners through two public comment periods, three listening sessions, and multiple Forest Service reviews. View summaries of the comments on this page.

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