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Cooperating Across Boundaries

Partnerships to conserve open space across rural America

This publication focuses on the benefits of partnerships and encourages cross-boundary partnerships to strategically conserve open space across the landscape. It shares current research on the importance of open space and how growth trends may affect the benefits these lands provide to society. It also offers Forest Service resources and information to help communities balance growth and conservation.

Who should read this publication:

County and municipal officials, landowners, State and Federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, private companies, citizens, and others interested in conserving rural open space.

This Document includes:

  • Key research findings from Forest Service and other researchers.
  • Case studies of how communities across the United States are conserving open space and guiding growth in rural areas.
  • Examples and highlights of how the Forest Service can help.

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To order a hardcopy, contact Claire Harper 202-205-1389.