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  • 2-0 bare-root seedling - this represents a tree seedling that has been grown in a nursery bed for 2 years. The first number (2 in this case) stands for the number of years in the nursery bed. The second number stands for the number of years a seedling has been transplanted to another nursery bed. In this case the seedling has not been transplanted to another bed, so the second number is 0. The term “bare root” means that the seedling was lifted from the nursery bed without retaining any soil.
  • Codominant - a tree whose crown forms the general level of the canopy, receiving direct light from above but little from the sides
  • Competition Control - reduction of the competing woody vegetation by mechanical and/or chemical treatment
  • Dominant - a tree whose crown extends above the general level of the surrounding trees and receives direct light from above and somewhat from the side
  • Percent Stocking - the residual stocking left when creating the shelterwood, where stocking indicates the percent of trees remaining relative to the maximum number of trees that could fully utilize the site.
  • Shelterwood - method to regenerate forests where part of the stand is left to nurture the young stand
  • Site Index - the height of a tree at age 50; tree should be one that has consistently been in a dominant position.
  • Stem Caliper - stem diameter measured 0.8 in. above the root collar
  • Top Clip - shoots are clipped off at 8 in. above the root collar prior to planting

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