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Researchers at the Northern Research Station, NRS-04, Delaware, Ohio would like to expand current efforts to screen ash trees that may be tolerant or resistant to emerald ash borer (EAB).

During an infestation by EAB, it is typical to see a mix of healthy, dying, and dead ash trees.  Usually those healthy ash trees are simply the last to die, and will quickly succumb to EAB within a few years.  However, in some locations, we have found a small number of ash trees that survive the infestation and remain healthy.  We collect small branches or twigs from the most promising trees for grafting and propagation at our laboratory, then we grow and test the trees for tolerance or resistance to EAB.  Our preliminary results look promising. To facilitate this effort we are asking for your help to identify large ash trees in areas that have been infested by EAB for a very long time, where typically over 90% of the large ash trees have died at least two years ago.

We are starting with 10 counties in southeast Michigan and 7 counties in northwest Ohio, and we will expand the target area each year.  If you have a healthy ash tree but you are not yet in the target area, please keep watching the tree and enter it when our target area expands to include your location.

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We are only collecting ash trees in 10 counties in southeast Michigan and 7 counties in northwest Ohio.


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The identified ash trees will be compiled in a database and prioritized for sampling. As funding becomes available, we will contact land owners for permission to obtain cuttings for propagation and testing of the high-priority trees.  Thank you for helping us with this important research!

For more information, contact Jennifer Koch and Kathleen Knight.