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Time Series

Forty-eight hour time series forecasts of wind and relative humidity (RH) are available for 17 locations in the Northeastern United States, based on EAMC model output. Each time series shows wind and RH for one specific height, and two layers. Conditions at 10 m above ground are shown, along with averages for (1) the near-surface mixed layer of the atmosphere and (2) the 500 m (1650 foot) deep layer above the mixed layer. Large differences between any 2 curves indicate strong differences between conditions observed in the levels represented by those curves. For details of the layers used and the reasons behind them, consult B.E. Potter (2002) “A dynamics based view of atmosphere-fire interactions”, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 11:247-255.

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Time series for Utica, NY initialized at 00 on 09/20/2020

Time Series for Station Utica, NY  initialized at 00 July 21, 2013.  This product is intended to be used as a research tool only, and should not be treated as a forecast product.  Please contact if you have any questions.