Predictor Importance Values for red maple (Acer rubrum)

Predictor Name Importance Score Rank
Annual precipitation (mm)42.543
Mean May-September precipitation (mm)40.615
Mean annual temperature (°C)28.3134
Mean May-September temperature (°C)28.2735
Mean temperature of coldest month (°C)33.422
Mean temperature of warmest month (°C)36.4415
Annual aridity index34.1418
Minimum elevation32.2924
Maximum elevation40.38
Average elevation28.6631
Median elevation33.9919
Range of elevation30.5928
Elevation coefficient ofvariation44.22
Elevation standard deviation33.0823
Annual daylength coefficient of variation27.5637
Total available water capacity (cm, to 150 cm)35.617
Total available water supply (cm, to 150 cm)39.859
Depth to water table (cm)48.321
Soil permeability rate (cm/hr)39.1611
Soil calcium carbonate (% by weight)31.8125
Soil cation-exchange capacity30.927
Soil pH40.616
Soil bulk density (g/cm3)39.4910
Organic matter content (% by weight)28.0836
Potential soil productivity33.6521
Soil erodibility factor, rock fragment free31.1826
Soil erosion by wind (tons/acre/year)40.437
Percent soil passing sieve No. 10 (coarse)27.3638
Percent soil passing sieve No. 200 (fine)28.533
Percent clay (< 0.002 mm size)28.6332
Percent sand (< 0.002 mm size)29.729
Percent silt (< 0.002 mm size)33.9520
Percent of texture clayey23.9240
Percent of texture loamy37.6114
Percent of texture sandy37.8513
Percent of texture other28.6730
Alfisol (%)38.412
Aridisol (%)1.3645
Entisol (%)15.843
Histosol (%)21.4442
Inceptisol (%)35.7716
Mollisol (%)40.944
Spodosol (%)24.2839
Ultisol (%)22.7941
Vertisol (%)15.2744