Predictors Importance for pond cypress

(in decreasing order of importance)

Predictor Name Importance Score Rank
Annual precipitation (mm)20.151
Mean difference between July and January Temperature (°C)14.742
Elevation coefficient of variation13.673
Mean January temperature (°C)11.644
Forest land (%)8.785
Mean May-September precipitation (mm)8.536
Soil erodibility factor, rock fragment free8.087
Total available water capacity (cm, to 152 cm)8.058
Soil permeability rate (cm/hr)89
Soil pH7.0810
Cropland (%)6.611
Percent soil passing sieve No. 200 (fine)6.0212
Ultisol (%)5.5213
Potential soil productivity (m3 of timber/ha)5.314
Mean annual temperature (°C)5.0415
Mean May-September temperature (°C)4.9716
Minimum elevation (m)4.9317
Organic matter content (% by weight)4.6218
Percent clay (< 0.002 mm size)4.2319
Mean July temperature (°C)3.9120
Mollisol (%)3.3921
Depth to bedrock (cm)3.1422
Average elevation (m)3.1223
Maximum elevation (m)3.124
Entisol (%)2.2125
Inceptisol (%)2.1526
Nonforest land (%)2.0427
Alfisol (%)1.628
Percent soil passing sieve No. 10 (coarse)1.5229
Spodosol (%)1.0930
Histosol (%)0.9531
Vertisol (%)0.6832
Soil slope (%) of a soil component0.5633
Soil bulk density (g/cm3)0.5434
Aridisol (%)035
Fragmentation Index (Riitters et al. 2002)-1.1236
Range of elevation (m)-2.9437
Water (%)-5.9238