American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis)Reliability of Model: High Reliability of Model: High

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Current Modelled

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Hadley - High Scenario for American Goldfinch
HadleyCM3 – A1FI (High, "Harsh") Climate Scenario

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Mean May-September precipitation (mm)
Mean May-September precipitation (mm)

Potential Changes in Abundance and Range (Future)

GCM SCENARIO % Area Occ Ave IV Sum IV Future/Current IV
Current Modelled81.70.7766184.8
Current Breeding Bird Survey0.885886.6
HadleyCM3 – A1FI (High, "Harsh") Climate Scenario76.20.37127590.446
PCM – B1 (Low, "Mild") Climate Scenario76.70.6995237.40.847
Avg. of 3 GCMs – A1FI (High) Climate Scenario76.60.4293211.50.519
Avg. of 3 GCMs – B1 (Low) Climate Scenario75.50.6164540.80.734

Last Modified: March 28, 2019