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The Air application helps air resource managers analyze the effects of air pollution to resources managed by the Forest Service. With a corporate dataset of water chemistry data spanning more than 30 years of monitoring on Forest Service lands, the Air application provides analytical tools that help assess impacts to water from air pollution.

The Federal Land Manager Environmental Database (FED) provides much of the data to the public. The Air application provides data about the Air Quality Related Values and concern thresholds for each of the Forest Service-managed Class I wilderness areas listed at USDA Forest Service Air Resource Management. Air resource managers also use the Air application to track the air pollution permitting process and emissions, modeling, and control technology for new and modified sources of air pollution.


Outside laboratories use the following documents in preparing sample results data that they return to the Forest Service. The Forest Service puts this data in the Air database and it becomes available with the Federal Land Manager Environmental Database (FED).

  • NRM Air Excel Add-In (.zip, 28M) - used to provide specific functionality with Microsoft Excel. Download, unzip, and run the .msi file within to install the add-in.
  • NRM Air Excel Add-In - Lab Quick Guide (PDF, 1.9M) - provides the labs with details regarding how to perform specific tasks.

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