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A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation

Table of Contents



Data for Ch. 5
(contingent valuation)

Data for Ch. 6
(attribute-based stated preference methods)

Data for Ch. 7
(paired comparisons)

Data for Ch. 9
(travel cost models)

Data for Ch. 10
(hedonic method)

Data for Ch. 12
(benefits transfer)

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Data for "A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation"

Ch. 9: "Travel Cost Models" by George Parsons

To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from Adobe's website.

Erratum for Chapter 9
(207 KB PDF file)

These corrections are for Table 6 on page 321. The data on the lower half of that page are incorrect.

Single Site Model of Lake Erie Beach Use (see "Primer" pp. 292-295)

Survey Instrument

Lake Erie Beach Survey
(15 KB PDF file)


Lake Erie Beach Data
(689 KB Excel file)

RUM Model of Mid-Atlantic Beach Use (see "Primer" pp. 318-323)

Survey Instrument

Mid-Atlantic Beach Recreation Survey
(943 KB PDF file)
Contact George Parsons for a hard copy of this survey (it is more legible than the PDF file).

Cover Letter
(27 KB PDF file)

Survey Reminder--Postcard
(11 KB PDF file)

Survey Reminder--Letter
(24 KB PDF file)

Data and Code to Estimate Model

Data Description
(131 KB PDF file)

Gauss Code
(133 KB PDF file)

(1.8 MB text file)

Data and Code for Welfare Analysis

Gauss Code
(168 KB PDF file)

(1.8 MB text file)

Literature Related to Data Set

Parsons, George R., D. Matthew Massey, and Ted Tomasi. 2000. Familiar and Favorite Sites in a Random Utlity Model of Beach Recreation. Marine Resource Economics 14:299-315.

Parsons, G.R. and D.M. Massey. 2003. A Random Utility Model of Beach Recreation. In: The New Economics of Outdoor Recreation. N. Hanley, W.D. Shaw, and R.E.Wright, Edward Elagar, eds.

See pp. 209-212 in Haab, T. and Ted McConnell. 2003. Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources, Edward Elgar for an application using these data.

Massey, D. Mathew. 2002. Heterogeneous Preferences in a Random Utility Model of Recreation Demand: An Application to Beach Use. PhD Dissertation, University of Delaware.

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