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A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation

Table of Contents



Data for Ch. 5
(contingent valuation)

Data for Ch. 6
(attribute-based stated preference methods)

Data for Ch. 7
(paired comparisons)

Data for Ch. 9
(travel cost models)

Data for Ch. 10
(hedonic method)

Data for Ch. 12
(benefits transfer)

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"A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation"

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

Preface by Patty Champ, Kevin Boyle, and Tom Brown

Chapter 1
Economic Valuation: What and Why
A. Myrick Freeman III

Chapter 2
Conceptual Framework for Nonmarket Valuation
Nicholas E. Flores

Chapter 3
Collecting Survey Data for Nonmarket Valuation
Patricia A. Champ

Chapter 4
Introduction to Stated Preference Methods
Thomas C. Brown

Chapter 5
Contingent Valuation in Practice
Kevin J. Boyle

Chapter 6
Attribute-Based Methods
Thomas P. Holmes and Wiktor L. Adamowicz

Chapter 7
Multiple Good Valuation
Thomas C. Brown and George L. Peterson

Chapter 8
Introduction to Revealed Preference Methods
Kevin J. Boyle

Chapter 9
The Travel Cost Model
George R. Parsons

Chapter 10
The Hedonic Method
Laura O. Taylor

Chapter 11
Defensive Behavior and Damage Cost Methods
Mark Dickie

Chapter 12
Benefit Transfer
Randall S. Rosenberger and John B. Loomis

Chapter 13
Nonmarket Valuation in Action
Daniel W. McCollum

Chapter 14
Where to from Here?
Richard C. Bishop


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