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A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation

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Data for Ch. 5
(contingent valuation)

Data for Ch. 6
(attribute-based stated preference methods)

Data for Ch. 7
(paired comparisons)

Data for Ch. 9
(travel cost models)

Data for Ch. 10
(hedonic method)

Data for Ch. 12
(benefits transfer)

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Data for "A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation"

Cover of "A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation"
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As a companion to A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation edited by P.A. Champ, K.J. Boyle, and T.C. Brown (Kluwer Academic Publishers) we developed this website. For each chapter listed below, you will find datasets corresponding to each of the nonmarket valuation techniques described in the Primer. We've also included the surveys used to collect the data, the codebooks (explanation of how the data are coded), and links to the publications based on the data. This website should aid readers who are curious about the format of nonmarket valuation surveys and the resulting data. The data on the website can be used to replicate statistical models reported in the linked publications.

Chapters with Associated Data

Chapter 5, Contingent Valuation in Practice by Kevin Boyle

Chapter 6, Attribute-Based Stated Preference Methods by Tom Holmes and Vic Adamowicz

Chapter 7, Multiple Good Valuation by Tom Brown and George Peterson

Chapter 9, Travel Cost Models by George Parsons

Chapter 10, The Hedonic Method by Laura O. Taylor

Data Coming Soon: Chapter 11, Defensive Behavior and Damage Cost Methods by Mark Dickie

Chapter 12, Benefit Transfer: Issues in Application by Randy Rosenberger and John Loomis

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