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A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation

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Data for Ch. 5
(contingent valuation)

Data for Ch. 6
(attribute-based stated preference methods)

Data for Ch. 7
(paired comparisons)

Data for Ch. 9
(travel cost models)

Data for Ch. 10
(hedonic method)

Data for Ch. 12
(benefits transfer)

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Data for "A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation"

Chapter 12: "Benefit Transfer: Issues in Application" by Randy Rosenberger and John Loomis

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Data Type & Description

Meta-analysis literature review is the statistical summarization and synthesis of documented (published and unpublished) empirical research. Meta-regression analysis uses regression techniques to explore and measure the influence of observable characteristics of empirical research.

Survey Instrument

The research project for which this database was developed targeted economic measures of outdoor recreation use values in the United States and Canada. Keyword searches in a wide range of electronic databases such as American Economic Association's EconLit, First Search, the University of Michigan's Dissertation and Master's Abstracts, and Water Resources Abstract Index were conducted. Gray literature was searched using conference proceedings, Carson et al.'s (1994) contingent valuation method bibliography, as well as the researchers' collections of working papers and journal article reprints. Papers were screened for relevance (i.e., whether they contained use value estimates for outdoor recreation activities with study sites in the United States or Canada). A concerted effort was placed on locating documented value measures for the 1988 to 1998 period. A master coding sheet was developed containing 126 fields covering six categories: (1) citation; (2) value measures; (3) attributes of the value measures; (4) attributes of valuation methodology; (5) attributes of study sites; and (6) attributes of sample populations. This database was then merged with MacNair's (1993) database that coded and expanded upon Walsh et al.'s (1988) database. The database provided here is restricted to those variables used in the meta-regression analysis discussed in the accompanying book and references listed in this table.


Carson, R.T., J.L. Wright, N. Carson, A. Alberini and N. Flores. 1994. A Bibliography of Contingent Valuation Studies and Papers. San Diego, CA: Natural Resource Damage Assessment, Inc.

MacNair, D. 1993. 1993 RPA Recreation Values Database. Washington, DC: USDA Forest Service, RPA Program; Contract 43-4568-3-1191.

Walsh, R.G., D.M. Johnson and J.R. McKean. 1988. Review of Outdoor Recreation Economic Demand Studies with Nonmarket Benefit Estimates, 1968-1988. Technical Report No. 54. Fort Collins, CO: Colorado State University, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics


A codebook describes how the data were coded for entry.

Recreation Use Values Codebook
(21 KB Excel file)


If you have comments on or problems with these data please contact Pam Froemke.

Recreation Use Values Data
(367 KB Excel file)

Literature Related to Data Set

Rosenberger, Randall S.; Loomis, John B. 2001. Benefit transfer of outdoor recreation use values: A technical document supporting the Forest Service Strategic Plan (2000 revision). Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-72. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 59 p.
(395 KB PDF file)

Rosenberger, Randall S. and John B. Loomis. 2000. Panel stratification in meta-analysis of economic studies: An investigation of its effects in the recreation valuation literature. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 32(3):459-470.

Rosenberger, Randall S. and John B. Loomis. 2000. Using meta-analysis for benefit transfer: In-sample convergent validity tests of an outdoor recreation database. Water Resources Research 36(4):1097-1107.

Shrestha, Ram K. and John B. Loomis. 2001. Testing a meta-analysis model for benefit transfer in international outdoor recreation. Ecological Economics 39(1):67-83.

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