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Technology Transfer & Upcoming Events


Dates for 2001: Aug. 27 - Aug. 29 and Sept. 10 - 14

To register or for more information, write or call: Dr. Tim Pierson
Penn State Cooperative Extension
McKean County Courthouse, Smethport, PA

Allegheny Hardwood Silviculture Training Sessions - Silvicultural guidelines based on ecological understanding of mixed hardwood forests is growing rapidly. From research conducted in the Alleghenies and elsewhere, scientists have developed a series of guidelines for forest management, primarily at the stand level.

This information is offered in the Allegheny Hardwood Silviculture Training Sessions, held in late summer and early fall each year. From noon Monday through noon on Friday, a balanced mix of lectures, field tours, and actual practice is used to present several topics, including even- and uneven-aged silviculture, history of Allegheny hardwood forests, and using silviculture to manage wildlife habitat. For each topic, presentations range from basic ecology through silvicultural decision-making. Inventory, analysis, and prescription-writing are presented. The sessions include field tours to the Tionesta Research and Natural Area, Heart's Content, and to many active research sites.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Allegheny Hardwood Silviculture Training Sessions are planned for practicing natural resource managers who are familiar with the concepts, vocabulary, and measurements associated with forestry and silviculture. Sessions are held at the Kane Experimental Forest near Kane, PA.


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