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A new release of SILVAH, Version 5.5, is coming soon.  This version will include analysis and prescriptions for oak ecosystems, and will bring a Windows interface to the data-entry portion of the software.  It is not yet available online, but is available on CD as a Beta version. As it is still a work in progress, please expect bugs and changes as we continue to refine the software.  Click here for Help on SILVAH Version 5.5 Beta.     

SILVAH Version 5.0, is available for download from our web site! SILVAH is in the public domain and was developed on official US Government time.

SILVAH is a computer tool for making silvicultural decisions in hardwood stands of the Allegheny Plateau and Allegheny Mountain region. It is an "expert system" in that it recommends appropriate treatments based upon user objectives and overstory, understory, and site data provided by the user. SILVAH also contains a forest stand growth simulator, provides the ability to test alternative cuts, enables development of a forest-wide inventory database, and facilitates other forest management planning functions.

Attention Windows Me users!

Unfortunately due to the fact that Windows Me does not support real mode device drivers, including ANSI.SYS which is required for all versions of SILVAH, you will not be able to run silvah in this operating system without booting from a floppy disk. For information on this issue and ways to work around the problem see the problem documentation page at Microsoft's site.

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