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Year: 2005

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An instructional guide for leaf color analysis using digital imaging software

GTR-NE-327 (5.37 mb)

Murakami, Paula F.; Turner, Michelle R.; van den Berg, Abby K.; Schaberg, Paul G.

Beech Bark Disease: Proceedings of the Beech Bark Disease Symposium

GTR-NE-331 (3.27 mb)

Evans, Celia A., Lucas, Jennifer A. and Twery, Mark J.

Bulletin of Hardwood Market Statistics: 2004

RN-NE-385 (389kb)

Emanuel,David; Rhodes, Carol

Bulletin of Hardwood Market Statistics: first half 2004

RN-NE-384 (465kb)

Emanuel, David; Rhodes, Carol

Continuous sawmill studies: protocols, practices, and profits

GTR-NE-334 (708kb)

Mayer, Robert; Wiedenbeck, Jan

Cost of Sawing Timber (COST) Module (Version 1.0) for Windows®. [Computer Program]

GTR-NE-338 (1.3 mb)

Palmer, A. Jefferson, Jr.; Wiedenbeck, Janice K.; Mayer, Robert W.

Design, implementation, and analysis methods for the National Woodland Owner Survey

GTR-NE-336 (1.3 mb)

Butler, Brett J.; Leatherberry, Earl C.; Williams, Michael S.

Development of a Repeatable Regional Protocol for Performance-Based Monitoring of Forestry Best Management Practices

GTR-NE-335 (776kb)

Ryder, Roger; Edwards, Pamela J.

Forests of the Garden State

RB-NE-163 (3.2 mb)

Widmann, Richard H.

The Forests of Maine: 2003


McWilliams, William H.; Butler, Brett J.; Caldwell, Laurence E.; Griffith, Douglas M.; Hoppus, Michael L.; Laustsen, Kenneth M.; Lister, Andrew J.; Lister, Tonya W.; Metzler, Jacob W.; Morin, Randall S.; Sader, Steven A.; Stewart, Lucretia B.; Steinman, James R.; Westfall, James, A.; Williams, David A.; Whitman, Andrew, Woodall, Christopher W.

Living memorials project: year 1 social and site assessment

GTR-NE-333 (various)

Svendsen, Erika S.; Campbell, Lindsay K.

Mapping host-species abundance of three major exotic forest pests

RP-NE-726 (797kb)

Morin, Randall S.; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Luzader, Eugene R.; Lister, Andrew J.; Gottschalk, Kurt W.; Twardus, Daniel B.

Proceedings of the 2004 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium

GTR-NE-326 (4.2 mb)

Bricker, Kelly, comp.,ed.

Proceedings, XV U.S. Department of Agriculture interagency research forum on gypsy moth and other invasive species 2004

GTR-NE-332 (1.2 mb)

Gottschalk, Kurt W., ed.

Proceedings, 16th U.S. Department of Agriculture interagency research forum on gypsy moth and other invasive species 2005

GTR-NE-337 (1.9 mb)

Gottschalk, Kurt W., ed.

Pulpwood consumption and production in the northeast - 2001

RB-NE-162 (407 kb)

Baker, Iris C.; Hansen, Bruce G.; Akers, Melody S.

Residual overstory density affects survival and growth of sheltered oak seedlings on the Allegheny Plateau

RP-NE-728 (1.9mb)

Schuler, Thomas M.; Brose, Patrick; White, Robert L.

Response of eastern chipmunks to single application spring prescribed fires on the Fernow Experimental Forest

RP-NE-727 (308kb)

Rowan, E.L.; Ford, W.M.; Castleberry, S.B.; Rodrigue, J.L.; Schuler, T.M.

ROMI-3: Rough-Mill Simulator Version 3.0: User’s Guide

GTR-NE-328 (various)

Weiss, Joel M.; Thomas, R. Edward

Rough Mill Improvement Guide for Managers and Supervisors

GTR-NE-329 (2.8 mb)

Mitchell, Philip H.; Wiedenbeck, Jan; Ammerman, Bobby

Society of American Foresters 85th Winter Meeting

GTR-NE-325 (715 kb)

Kenefic, Laura S.; Twery, Mark J., eds.

Ten years of research on the MeadWestvaco Wildlife and Ecosystem Research Forest

GTR-NE-330 (594kb)

Keyser, P.D.; Ford, W.M

Tree chemistry database (version 1.0)

GTR-NE-324 (2.2 mb)

Pardo, Linda H.; Robin-Abbott, Molly; Duarte, Natasha; Miller, Eric K.

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