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Gypsy Moth Silvicultural Experiment Tour, Photos

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    (Near Stand 15)Heavy mortality in oak dominated overstory.

    Stand 15. Note dominant fern cover and dead oaks in foreground.

    Armillaria root diease rhizomorph and two-lined chestnut borer galleries faintly visible.

    Two-lined chestnut borer galleries.

    Red oak and red maple regeneration.

    Regeneration of some shade intolerant species, tulip-poplar and sassafras.

    Chestnut oak regeneration in a thinned, defoliated stand.

    Stand 13. Mortality evident but live oaks are present also.

    Armillaria sporphore on cut stump. Note Vaccinium and Gautheria refecting acidic soil conditions on stand 13.

    Stand 14. Uncut stand. Black cherry dominates the understory, beneath abundant oak mortality in this stand.

    Extensive mortality on stand 14.

    A surviving American chestnut.

    Mixed hardwood stand on the University Forest, consisting of high proportion of tulip-poplar in the overstory.

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