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 Northern Global Change Research Program
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  • Atmosphere/Biosphere Gas and Energy Research 
  • Ecosystem Dynamics Research 
  • Disturbance Ecology Research 
  • Human Activities and Natural Resource Interactions
  • Assessment and Modeling
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Overview
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  • 2002 Summary of NGCRP Current Research
  • Studies in Carbon & Meteorological Flux & Air Quality Concentration Measurements in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study
  • Diurnal Measurements of Carbon Assimilation and Respiration of Leaves and Stems Using an Automated Multiple Chamber System
  • CO2 and Heat Flux Observations in Suburban Baltimore (Cub Hill)
  • Fire Issues Unique to the Northeastern Area of the United States
  • Integrating Forest and Water Monitoring: A Pilot Study
    An Evaluation in the Delaware River Basin
  • Presentations


    Monitoring and Predicting Regional Environmental Change

    Responses of Northern Tree Species to Regional Stress Responses of Ecosystem Processes to Regional Stress Forest and Landscape Responses to Regional Stress and Management Activities Human-Forest Interactions and Regional Change An Integrated National Model of the Effects of Global Change on U.S. Forests Boreal Forests and Global Change


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