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Research Projects
CO2 and O3 Impacts on Northern Hardwood Ecosystems.

NGCRP Contribution to the Project

Diurnal measurements of carbon assimilation and respiration of leaves and stems using an automated multiple chamber system

The Aspen FACE experiment consists of twelve 30m rings in which the concentrations of carbon dioxide and tropospheric ozone can be controlled. The design provides the ability to assess the effects of these gases alone and in combination on many ecosystem attributes.

An automated, temperature and CO2 controlled, multiple cuvette photosynthetic system was adapted to measure daily carbon sums for leaves and stems within a treatment ring. The system has been adapted to track ambient temperature conditions and to provide elevated CO2 levels to the chambers to work in all the treatment rings.

The continuous photosynthesis and respiration measurements under ambient conditions, will contribute to the suite of physiological parameters that are being measured at the Rhinelander FACE site. Continuous improvements to the system include greater portability and specialized scaffolding for canopy access.


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