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Publications & Products


The Potential of U.S. Forest Soils to Sequester Carbon and Mitigate the Greenhouse Effect
ISBN: 1-5667-0583-5

To Order: Lewis Publishers

Book Jacket: Click To View:

Preface: J.M. Kimble, Linda S. Heath, Richard A. Birdsey, & R. Lal
Book Jacket Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction and General Description of US Forests
Chapter 2: Current and Historical Trends in Use, Management and Disturbance of US Forest Lands
Chapter 3: Carbon Trends in US Forest Lands: A Context for the Role of Soils in Forest Carbon Sequestration
Chapter 4: Quantifying the Organic Carbon Held in Forested Soils of the United States and Puerto Rico
Chapter 5: Techniques to Measure and Strategies to Monitor Forest Soil Carbon

Section 2: Soils Processes and Carbon Dynamics

Chapter 6:Carbon Cycling in Forest Ecosystems with an Emphasis on Belowground Processes
Chapter 7: Forest Soil Ecology and Soil Organic Carbon
Chapter 8: Global Change and Forest Soils
Chapter 9: Processes Affecting Carbon Storage in the Forest Floor and in Downed Woody Debris
Chapter 10: Impacts of Natural Disturbance on Soil Carbon Dynamics in Forest Ecosystems

Section 3: Management Impacts on US Forest Soils

Chapter 11: Soil Erosion in Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Dynamics
Chapter 12: Impact of Soil Restoration Management and Land Use History on Forest Soil Carbon
Chapter 13: Fire and Fire Suppression Impacts on Forest Soil Carbon
Chapter 14: Soil Carbon Sequestration and Forest Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Section 4: Specific Forest Ecosystems

Chapter 16: Soil Carbon in Permafrost Dominated Boreal Forests
Chapter 17: Soil Carbon Distribution in High Elevation Forest of the USA
Chapter 18: Soil Carbon in Arid and Semiarid Forest Ecosystems
Chapter 19: Carbon Cycling in Wetland Forest Soils
Chapter 20: Carbon Storage in North American Agroforestry Systems
Chapter 21: Soil Carbon in Urban Forest Ecosystems
Chapter 22: Soil Organic Carbon in Tropical Forests of the United States of America

Section 5: Synthesis and Policy Implications

Chapter 23: The Potential of U.S. Forest Soils to Sequester Carbon
Chapter 24: Economic Analysis of Soil Carbon in Afforestation and Forest Management Decisions
Chapter 25: Research and Development Priorities for Carbon Sequestration in Forest Soils