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Publications & Products

Carbon in United States Forests and Wood Products, 1987-1997: State-by-State Estimates
by Richard A. Birdsey & George M. Lewis

Introduction: In this publication we report estimated changes in carbon stocks for the forests and wood products of the 50 U.S. states. A first approximation of carbon status and trends for the forestry sector, these estimates were developed to assist states in compiling greenhouse gas inventories for submission (on a voluntary basis) to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These initial estimates are designed to raise awareness of accounting issues, identify common sources of information and methods, and quantify the approximate contribution of the forestry sector to a state's status in emitting or sequestering greenhouse gases. Individual states should view these estimates as a starting point for developing their own estimates. It is important to carefully consider the forestry situation in each state by consulting with local expertise familiar with the most current available data. Because we used the same methodology and national databases for every state, more recent data than are included in this report may be available, and for any particular state, the available data may support use of different estimation methodology.

Sponsored by: United States Environmental Protection Agency, IAG DW12938264-01-0
United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Global Change Research Program

Acknowledgments: We greatly appreciate the technical assistance provided by the FIA staff, including Andrew Lister, Barbara O'Connell, Tom Frieswyk, Will McWilliams and Carol Alerich. We would also like to thank William Smith and John Vissage for their help with the RPA database. And finally we acknowledge the reviewers of the EPA report including: Jim Smith, Steve Prisley, Tom Wirth, Rick Handley, Jim Kerstetter, and Jim Cathcart.

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Richard Birdsey, USDA-FS 610-557-4091
Denise Mulholland, US-EPA 202-564-3471