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Catalog of Long Term Research Conducted by the Northeastern Research Station

Catalog #23

Compartment Managed Group Selection Study
To study the development of a stand following clear cutting in small patches.
expected to continue
Bartlett Experimental Forest. Compartments contained typical old-growth northern hardwoods during 1931-1940.
2 adjacent compartments (#5 and #6) on Bartlett Experimental Forest. 
11.2 acres total (32 groups of 0.35 acres): 1937-1940. 
18.0 acres total (39 groups of 0.5 acres): 1951. 
9.1 acres total (13 groups of 0.7 acres): 1960. 
: 1975. 
: 1992. 
For all cuts, all hardwoods >1.6" d.b.h. were cut. All softwoods <4.0" d.b.h. and a few of the better formed 4" to 6" d.b.h. Were left uncut. Cuttings were centered around clusters of old trees.
Basal area, d.b.h." by class and species, species composition, stocking and structure: 1937 1951, 1960, 1992.
Data on tally sheets. Summaries on paper.
Studies of Ecosystem Processes
Leak, William B.; Filip, Stanley M. 1977. Thirty-eight years of group selection in New England. Journal of Forestry. October 1977: 641-643.

McClure, J., T.D. Lee. 1993. Small-scale disturbance in a northern hardwood forest. C.J.F.R. 23(7): 1347-1360.

William Leak, USDA Forest Service, P.O. Box 640, Durham NH 03824. (603) 868-7655



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