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Forest Inventory & Analysis Program
11 Campus Blvd.
Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3294

(610)557-4250 FAX
(610)557-4132 TTY/TDD

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GIS / Spatial Statistics

GIS & Spatial Statistics in the FIA

GIS (geographic information systems) and spatial statistics has been used in many different ways in the FIA.  Analyses that are amenable to GIS analysis include area measurements, suitability studies, proximity measures, and spatial simulations.  For example, one analysis we have used is to compare the FIA plot data with GIS coverages of elevation (digital elevation models, or DEMs).  We can then use the relationship we've defined between topography and forest characteristics to improve our spatial estimation procedures. 

3-D Image

Key Concepts in Use

Geostatistics The use of inventory data in a spatial context for analysis with other spatially referenced data by use of statistical methods.

Landscape Ecology Examines the role landscape patterns have on forest composition and structure.

Photo Interpreted Maps These images show the distibution of various landscape characteristcs at the state level from photointerpreted images.

Remote Sensing The use and interpretation of imagery by airborne sensors to help in the analysis of forest resources.

Species Importance Maps These maps are representations of our predictions of species importance at the state level.

Access to data

 Go to:FIA Map Maker Online site that allows the retrieval or display of FIA data.

 Go to:FIA Downloads Online site that allows download of FIA data of FIA data.

 Go to:FIA Spatial Data Center Allows access to FIA data without compromising the security of the plot locations or land owner privacy.

 Go to: For a link to GIS coverages of timber mill locations on the East Coast, please go to the site of the Southern Research Station's Economics Research Unit.

Geostatistics Workshop

 Go to:Originally presented in the spring of 2000. This workshop focused on the how to use geostatistics with FIA data to get viable products. Start Here