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Kenneth R. Dudzik
USDA Forest Service
Northern Research Station
271 Mast Road
Durham, NH  03824
Telephone: 603-868-7621 
Fax: 603-868-7604
kdudzik[at]fs.fed.us   {Note: [at] = @}


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B.S. Forestry (Science Option), University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, 1981.

Certificate in Printing and Graphic Arts, University of New Hampshire Dept. of Continuing Education, Durham, NH, 1985.

Professional Positions:

1995 - Present. Forester, NE-4505, Disturbance of Eastern Forest Ecosystems by Stressor/Host/Pathogen Interactions, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH.

1991 - 1995. Forester, NE-4510, Mechanisms of Tree Response to Injury and Infection, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH.

1981 - 1991. Forestry Technician, NE-2299, Patterns of Discoloration and Decay in Living Trees, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH.

1978 - 1981. Forestry Aide. NE-2299, Patterns of Discoloration and Decay in Living Trees, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH.

Accomplishments and Skills:   One publication as sole author, eight as a co-author and thirty-six acknowledgments in various scientific publications (book, journal articles...) for technical assistance, photography and/or manuscript review. Computer system operator (Data General and now IBM LAN) for twelve years. Reporter from the Durham Research Station for the Northeastern Research Station's newsletter (the Nor'easter) for eleven years. Working knowledge of some publishing/graphic computer programs. Skilled in the use of cameras (35mm and 120mm formats and video), darkroom equipment for the developing and printing of B&W negatives, sledge microtome, microscopes (and microscope photography), balances, chainsaws, increment borers, pole pruners, and other field and laboratory equipment.

Honors:   Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Director's Award for Research Excellence, 1994; USDA Certificate of Merit 1994,1991,1990; USDA Certificate of Appreciation, 1993; USDA Peer Recognition Award, (4)1993, (5)1991; Cum Laude, University of NH (Durham), 1981; Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Honor Society, University of NH (Durham), 1980; Ruth E. Farrington Forestry Scholarship, University of NH (Durham), 1980, 1979.

Selected Publications:

1. Smith, K.T., and K.R. Dudzik. Acer rubrum L. In: Schütt, P., H.J. Schuck, U.M. Lang, and A. Roloff. Enzyklopädie der Holzewächse (Handbook und Atlas der Dendrologie, III-2). ecomed verlagsgesellschaft AG & Co. KG. Germany. 10 pp. (1997).
2. Shortle, W.C., K.T. Smith, and K.R. Dudzik. Decay Diseases of Stemwood: Detection, Diagnosis, and Management. In: Raychaudhuri, S.P., Maramorosch, K. eds. Forest Trees and Palms: Diseases and Control. Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. PVT. LTD., New Delhi, Calcutta. pp. 95-109. (1996).
3. Shortle, W.C., K.T. Smith, K.R. Dudzik, and S. Parker. Response of maple sapwood to injury and infection. Eur. J. For. Path. 25:241-252. (1995).
4. Garrett, P.W., and K.R. Dudzik. Selecting "sweet" sugar maple trees. Maple Syrup Digest. Vol. 1A, No.4. pp. 32-37. (1989).
5. Garrett, P.W., and K.R. Dudzik. Ray tissue as an indirect measure of relative sap-sugar concentration in sugar maple. U.S. Dep. Agric. For. Serv. Research Paper NE-626. 7 pp. (1989).
6. Dudzik, K.R. Macro-microscopic anatomy: Obtaining a composite view of barrier zone formation in Acer saccharum. International Association of Wood Anatomists' Bulletin. 9(2):183-186. (1988).
7. Shigo, A.L., G.F. Gregory, R.J. Campana, K.R. Dudzik, and D.M. Zimel. Patterns of starch reserves in healthy and diseased American elms. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 16:204-210. (1986).
8. Shigo, A.L., and K.R. Dudzik. Response of uninjured cambium to xylem injury. Wood Science and Technology. 19:195-200. (1985).
9. Shigo, A.L., and K.R. Dudzik. Chestnut blight: Defense reactions. In Proceedings of the USDA Forest Service American Chestnut Cooperators' Meeting, Morgantown, WV. pp. 65-67. (1982).