RWU-NRS 4155

Experimental Forests


Last modified 09/19/2006

by Tim Stone

Ecology and Management of Northern Forests

Project: Research Work Unit NRS-4155

Project Leader: Dr. John C. Brissette


Mission: Provide the scientific foundation for sustainable management of northern forests through research and technology transfer


Research Work Areas...

1. To understand the current condition and past development of northern forests and to manage these forests in a sustainable manner, we must improve our knowledge of short- and long-term ecosystem responses to silvicultural treatments.

2. To predict the effects of silvicultural treatments on wildlife habitat, we must understand relationships between composition and structure of forest vegetation, and the needs of wildlife throughout their life cycles.

3. To predict the effects of management on northeastern forest ecosystems, we must understand the complex interactions among forest dynamics, nutrient cycling, and disturbance processes, particularly from destructive invasive species.

4. To address emerging issues in forest ecosystem sustainability, we will integrate remote sensing and process modeling with field studies in order to develop indices of ecosystem function and health that will be applicable across landscapes.

In addition to these Research Work Unit associated problems, NRS 4155 has a mission problem that spans multiple Research Work Unit Descriptions: Long-term manipulative research and monitoring will be maintained at Bartlett, Massabesic, and Penobscot Experimental Forests as sources of knowledge discovery and development, and as demonstration and education sites . The mission problem provides for continued management of our three experimental forests and the ongoing long-term studies located on them.


Contact Address

Project Leader
Ecology and Management of Northern Forests
USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station
Louis C Wyman Forest Sciences Laboratory
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Durham, NH 03824-0640
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