NRS - RWU 4104

Last modified 08/24/2007

Project: NE-4104 Title: Forest Carbon Dynamics and Estimation for Sustainable Management.


To further understanding of the stocks and flows of carbon in forest ecosystems and their response to natural disturbances, environmental change, management practices, and land use change, and to provide science-based information and tools for landowners to assess carbon stocks and enhance carbon sequestration through sound forest management.


  1. Information and models of plant and ecosystem carbon processes (photosynthesis, respiration, allocation, etc.) are needed to provide the scientific basis for sound carbon management decisions and policies;
  2. Research is needed to develop comprehensive historic, current, and projected estimates, including estimates of uncertainty, of national-level forest and forest-related carbon stocks and stock changes under a variety of management, disturbance, land use change, and environmental scenarios; and,
  3. Methods are needed for estimating, monitoring, and forecasting changes and trends in forest and forest-related carbon stocks and to provide related tools and information for sustainable management of forests.