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Experimental Forest

Last modified 08/18/2006

by Susan McGrane

Research and Development Center to Sustain Northern Forests

Mission: To help people sustain healthy and productive forests through basic and applied research, software and tool development, and delivery of information.

Staffing and expertise: The Center consists of four research work units, staffed by 23 research scientists and 17 support personnel. Center staff are based at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory in Durham, NH and the four experimental forests in New Hampshire and Maine. Research expertise includes silviculture, ecology, mensuration, wildlife, remote sensing, physiology, pathology, geology, biometrics, and modeling.

Partnerships: Partners are involved in essentially all phases of the research process and include the National Forests, other federal agencies, state agencies, universities, industry, and national and international nongovernmental organizations.

Products: Research findings are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, government publications, and books. Research results and tools such as software and management guidelines are distributed to individuals, industry, and through professional and technical groups. Many of these materials are also available online. Center personnel participate frequently in public workshops and demonstrations of research findings within and outside of the USDA Forest Service.

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