Delaware, Ohio is about 25 miles north of Columbus, the capital of Ohio and home of the Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!). (View maps of Ohio Counties and Towns/Cities). The lab consists of two wings - the east wing constructed in 1960 and the west wing constructed in 1970.

The lab was originally built mainly to conduct research on the Dutch elm disease. Today it houses three research projects and a publication group. The building consists of 39000 square feet of space, containing offices, laboratories, a library, and other special purpose rooms. The lab complex, situtated in 233 acres of land, includes a headhouse-greenhouse, storage-warehouse facilities, a pond in addition to the main laboratory structure.

The lab is situated adjacent to the scenic Delaware Lake, Delaware State Park and the Olentangy River.

Pointer If you are interested in the vegetation growing around the lab, refer to the notes that I have kept.