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Apps for Nature Watching

NatureFind Mobile AppNatureFind
Find parks, forests, nature centers and activities near you using a handy city and zip code search engine.

Nature FindOh, Ranger! ParkFinder 
Locate public lands including national parks, state parks, national forests, and wildlife refuges. Search by 20 activities available at different sites.

Backcountry NavigatorAll Trails 
Explore over 40,000 trails, find reviews and share photos out on the trails.

google earth iconGoogleEarth 
Virtually ‘fly’ around the planet to view cities, homes, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, and photos; and use the new “tour guide” to easily discover exciting new places to explore.

iHikeiHike GPS 
Show your current location, where you've been, and find new routes. Maps automatically switch as you travel.

Leaf Snap Mobile AppLeaf Snap
Leafsnap uses recognition software to identify plants by their leaves. The app currently covers trees of the Northeast and Washington, DC.

Fungitron – Mushroom Guide Fungitron – Mushroom Guide - identify fungi (mushrooms). Note: you must search for app by name for download sites.
Developed in cooperation with members of the Mycological Society, the iMushroom Guide is an original guide to edible, poisonous, exotic, and medicinal fungi.

USDA Dried Botanicals Identification Key shows the amateur to the professional botanist how to distinguish species from dry specimens. Apple App Store (iPhone) | Google Play (Android)

USDA Federal Noxious Weeds Key provides photographs, illustrations, and fact sheets to help identify 31 families of unwanted weeds. Apple App Store (iPhone) | Google Play (Android)

Bee SmartBee Smart 
Use Bee Smart™ Pollinator Gardener to browse through a database of 1,000 native plants, according to pollinators you want to attract, light and soil requirements, bloom color, and plant type.

Audubon Insects and SpidersAudubon Insects and Spiders 
Includes 510 of the most common species of insects and spiders found in North America, featuring habitat, range, size, and photographs of each species.

Audubon ButterfliesAudubon Butterflies 
Guide to over 600 butterflies of North America, with beautiful photographs to help in identification.

LepSnap - for identifying North American moths and butterflies.

eBird (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) guides to bird identification and monitoring.


Track your bird sightings and see others’ local bird observations.

Peterson Field Guide Mobile AppPeterson Field Guide
Guide to birds, including a log of those you’ve seen.

An advanced freshwater game fish identification application with stunning artwork, accurate descriptions, and helpful hints to help you distinguish between 60+ freshwater species.

State of the AirState of the Air 
From the American Lung Association, this app gives you the ability to see air quality indexes and alerts anywhere in the United States.

Star WalkStar Walk 
Easily locate and identify 20,000+ objects in the night sky using a 360-degree, touch-control star map that displays constellations, stars, planets, satellites, and galaxies currently overhead.

Sky MapSky Map 
Identify stars and planets by pointing your device towards objects in the sky, zoom in and out, and switch various layers such as constellations, planets, grids, and deep sky objects.  Determine the locations of planets and stars relative to your own current location.

Interface with the USDA-NRCS digital soil survey data to provide a graphical summary of the soils mapped at your current location

Search over 150 sites to find a description of the area, and what rocks, gems, and minerals you may find there.

BirdiNaturalist/Encyclopedia of Life 
Record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world as part of the largest database of living things in the world.

iTrack Wildlife identify animal tracks on or offline.

U.S. Army Survival GuideU.S. Army Survival Guide 
The entire U.S. Army survival guide on your hand-held device!