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U.S. Forest Service
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United States Department of Agriculture

Laws, Regulations, and Policies

Forest planning and project activities that involve watershed, wildlife, fisheries, air, and rare plants must comply with specific laws, regulations, and policies. While not exhaustive, we have listed the major statutory requirements for these resource programs. Specific laws, regulations and policies for individual resources are found within the U.S. Code, Executive Orders, Code of Federal Regulations and Forest Service Directive System.

Recommended References:

The Principal Laws Relating to Forest Service Activities. 1993. 1191 p. Printed by Government Printing Office. ISBN: 0-16-041927-1 Currently out of print. Look for it at used book stores. Contact Emily Weidner for the 1993 digital version.

The Principal Laws Relating to USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry Programs. Revised October 2005. 62 p. USDA Forest Service; FS-758.

For more help finding laws, visit the National Forest Service Library.

Statutory Requirements: