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Forest Stewardship Spatial Analysis Project

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The Spatial Analysis Project (SAP) is a GIS-based strategic management tool that allows participating State forestry agencies to identify and spatially display important forest lands (rich in natural resources, vulnerable to threat), tracts currently under Forest Stewardship Plans, and areas of opportunity to focus future Forest Stewardship Program efforts. [ more ]

The Forest Stewardship Program, administered by the U.S. Forest Service and implemented by State forestry agencies, encourages private forest landowners to manage their lands using professionally prepared Forest Stewardship Plans. These plans consider all associated forest-related resources to meet landowner objectives, including, but not limited to, timber, wildlife, fish, water, and aesthetics.

SAP is now complete in all fifty states and nine territories.  In 2008, the U.S. Forest Service began implementing a “Redesigned” State and Private Forestry (S&PF) program., in cooperation with state forestry agencies.  Components of the Redesign, and of the 2008 Farm Bill (PL 110-246) include State Forest Resource Assessments and Strategies.  National guidance for Assessments and Strategies suggests that the SAP results or SAP datalayers can be used as a foundation for their development. [more]


  • Promote strategic program delivery over traditional first-come, first-served basis. Address accountability for positive results on the ground.
  • Provide a standard, consistent way to assess the impact Forest Stewardship Plans have on the forest resource in addressing regionally or nationally important issues.


SAP layers image.
  • Develop a digital data layer of existing Forest Stewardship Plans and an accompanying tabular database containing tract characteristics and planned/implemented practices.
  • Analyze 12 data layers that address resource potentials and threats. (Encourage States to use additional layers to address State-specific conditions/issues.) [ more ]
  • Mask areas not capable of supporting Forest Stewardship Program activities.
  • Solicit State Stewardship Committee input throughout project development.
  • Use overlay analysis to create a composite layer of Forest Stewardship Program potential.
  • Assess existing Stewardship tracts against the composite to quantify impact and identify opportunities.

US Forest Service
Last modified February 12, 2009

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