Land & Resources Management

Nature and Purposes of the Trail

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan describes the nature and purposes of the CDNST as providing for high-quality scenic, primitive hiking and horseback riding opportunities and to conserve natural, historic, and cultural resources along the CDNST corridor.


Comprehensive Plan and Directives

The U.S. Forest Service amended the CDNST Comprehensive Plan on September 28, 2009. The Comprehensive Plan and directive amendments assure that the Forest Service is positioned to complete the CDNST in partnership with Federal, state, and local agencies, tribal governments, and other interested groups and individuals.

The 2009 CDNST Comprehensive Plan, Forest Service Manual (FSM) Chapter 2350, final Federal Register notice, and a location map can be viewed and printed from this website:

A regional-scale map of the CDT.