10-Year Sustainable Trail Stewardship Challenge

Development of a 10-Year Trail Challenge

A 10-Year Sustainable Trail Stewardship Challenge (10YTC), currently being developed by the Forest Service, is intended for implementation over the next decade. The effort is intended to inspire and challenge the Forest Service and partners nationwide to focus, innovate, and collaborate to achieve a sustainable system of trails that meet the needs of current and future trail users, improve access to national forests and grasslands, and provide health and economic benefits to communities.

The Forest Service’s National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System identifies development of the Challenge as one of 26 high-leverage actions:

Implement 10-Year Trail Challenge: (Action 1.2)
Using the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act in 2018 as a catalyst, invite partners, volunteers, and employees to develop and implement a bold, national 10-Year Sustainable Trails Stewardship Challenge toward achieving a sustainable system of trails. The goals of the draft trail challenge are: to increase agency and partner capacity to maintain and care for trails over the long-term; and to increase on-the-ground result.

10YTC Discussion Draft

10-Year Sustainable Trail Stewardship Challenge cover

The Forest Service has worked over the past several months to develop a “discussion draft” of the Challenge and is currently seeking comments and suggestions on the draft from agency employees, volunteers, partners, and other stakeholders

Please refer to the 10YTC discussion draft and associated appendices below. Comments and suggestions are requested by November 2, 2018, using the comment form provided. Completed comment forms should be emailed to Jeff Mast (jeffrey.mast@usda.gov) and Meckenzie Helmandollar (meckenzie.helmandollar-powell@usda.gov).

10YTC Focus Session - Webinar Series

For More Information

If you have questions or comments, please contact Forest Service Trail Management at fstrailmanagement@usda.gov.


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