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Volkswagen Settlement Mitigation and Funding Opportunities

A graphic showing a car with a large electrical plug and a truck with a large leaf on the truck cover.The U.S. Forest Service is exploring the possibility of submitting proposals in response to the Volkswagen Settlement. Volkswagen settled allegations that it violated the Clean Air Act by installing “defeat devices” on roughly 500,000 diesel vehicles from 2009-2015.

The Clean Air Act designates 156 Wilderness Areas and National Parks for the highest level of protection due to their scenic and cultural significance. These are designated as Class I areas under the Act. All other areas in the country are designated as Class II.  The U.S. Forest Service manages 89 of these Class I areas across the country.

The $2.9 billion settlement will be used to reduce air pollution from nitrogen oxides in Class I and/or Class II areas and will be administered by the states. The U.S. Forest Service may submit proposals to states to replace certain vehicles or engines, and to install zero-emissions infrastructure (charging and fueling stations). Eligibility requirements vary by state, and we are working with the states to determine specific requirements and timeframes to apply for funding.

For more information, listen to the recorded webinar about The VW Settlement Opportunity




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