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Forest Taxation and Estate Planning

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The Forest Service Forest Taxation and Estate Planning program provides national leadership on forest tax policy, tax education, and estate planning -- information that is important to support private forest stewardship and conservation.

We track the latest tax law changes, deliver estate planning information, and provide forest tax policy assessment through our websites, publications, presentations, workshops, and webinars. We work in collaboration with state forestry agencies, cooperative extension services, and forest landowner associations.

This tax planning information assistance helps private landowners and rural communities to manage forested lands sustainably. It benefits forest landowners, forestry consultants, accountants, lawyers, and state agency forest land managers.


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Estate Planning

Tax Policy


Tax Guidelines for Forestry Programs

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Recent Events

Forest Tax Issues

By Dr. Linda Wang, National Timber Tax Specialist, USDA Forest Service

May 1-4, 2018

Virginia Forestry Summit

Richmond, Virginia

Please click here to view a detailed schedule of Summit events. 


Tax Webinar  March 2, 2018

Presentation Slide Copy available



Dr. Linda Wang
National Timber Tax Specialist


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