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Forest Stewardship


A photo of Family forest landowners Steve and Janet Funk
Family forest landowners Steve and Janet Funk own and manage a thriving tree farm. Photo by Laurie Schoonhoven.

There’s a Spirit in the Woods

Steve and Janet and their children and grandchildren all play important roles in the success of the family's thriving tree farm. By leading by example, they promote sustainable forest management in their community and beyond.

Did you know that more than half of the forest land in the United States is owned and managed by some 11 million private forest owners?

A photo of a barn in the fall, foliage colors orange and red and brown

Private forest lands benefit us all. They provide clean air and water, habitat for fish and wildlife, forest products, and recreational opportunities. Photo credit: Steve Neel.

The Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) provides assistance to owners of forest land where good stewardship, including agroforestry practices, will enhance and sustain multiple forest resources and contribute to healthy and resilient landscapes. The program also helps create jobs in rural communities by sustaining local markets for forest products and increasing demand for qualified private forestry consultants and state field foresters.

The Forest Stewardship Program focuses on three main areas:

  • Assisting landowners to actively manage their land and related resources
  • Keeping land in a productive and healthy condition for present and future owners
  • Increasing the economic benefits of land (timber harvesting, for example) while conserving the natural environment

There are currently more than 25 million acres being managed under Forest Stewardship Plans. 

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