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Accessibility Resources

“Accessibility” defines a facility that was in compliance with accessibility guidelines or standards when it was built or altered. There are three different sets of these guidelines and standards that apply to facilities built on national forests and grasslands.


  • The Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS), applies to all buildings like visitor information centers, Forest Service offices, sidewalks, parking lots, restrooms and others.
  • The Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines (FSORAG) the accessibility standard for campgrounds, picnic areas, viewing overlooks, swimming beaches and the pathways that connect the facilities within those recreation areas. The purpose is to integrate accessibility seamlessly without changing the outdoor recreation settings with the goal of all recreation areas for all people to enjoy together. FSORAG is available as a pocket guide as well.
  • The Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines (FSTAG) apply to new or altered trails that are designed for pedestrian hiking and which connect directly to a trailhead or to another trail that currently complies with these guidelines. The goal is to maximize accessibility while not changing the character or experience of the trail setting. FSTAG is also available as a pocket guide.
  • Service Animals and Outdoor Recreation details the definition of a service animal and what is required of visitors, employees and volunteers.
  • Forest Service Plans for Accessible Picnic Tables provides diagrams and measurements to help make picnic tables more accessible.
  • Accessible Gates for Trails and Roads a cache of ready to build gate designs that serve the purpose of the gate and allow pedestrians including wheelchair users to pass through the gate.
  • Accessibility Guidebook for Outdoor Recreation and Trails helps designers and managers apply accessibility standards to their outdoor recreation sites and trails.
  • Accessibility Guidelines for Ski Areas provides customer service-focused information on how to adhere to the accessibility laws and standards in ski and 4 season resorts programs and facilities.
  • Forest Service Exhibit Accessibility Checklist is a handy guide to help keep track of requirements standards for exhibits.
  • Forest Service Accessibility Database Survey Tool for Field Users is a guidebook for those surveying recreation sites with the digital Forest Service Accessibility Data Survey Tool.
  • Forest Service Accessibility Database Survey Tool for Administrators is a guidebook for those acquiring and tablet loading the digital Forest Service Accessiblity Data Survey Tool.



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