Zigzag Hotshots


The Zigzag Interagency Hotshot Crew is located on the Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon. We are a group of 20 highly motivated and physically fit individuals who, in essence, forgo all other activities during the fire season to respond to all-risk incidents.

An average fire season includes 80 to 120 days, or more, away from the station for five to six months out of the year. We often fight fire in the western United States, but have traveled as far away as Alaska, the eastern United States, and Canada.

We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and go above and beyond the regular "call of duty" to get the assignment completed quickly, efficiently and safely. This may require long work shifts in often extremely remote and inaccessible areas. 

Current Outreaches

The Zigzag Hotshots may be filling the following positions in the upcoming fall Fire Hire. 

Vacancy announcements will be open 08/01/2019- 08/28/2019.

Any vacancies that occur during Fire Hire will be immediately filled using the back-fill process.  It is strongly encouraged that interested applicants, even for positions that are currently filled, apply to the vacancy announcement and make contact with the Superintendent in order to express interest.

Assistant Superintendent


Zigzag IHC Assistant Superintendent 




Zigzag IHC Squad Leader

Senior Firefighter (2 Current Vacancies)



Zigzag IHC Senior Firefighter 

The Zigzag Interagency Hotshot Crew employs physically fit, highly motivated individuals. Competition for vacant positions is high, so references should show an applicant is inclusive of others, a positive team member, and an extremely hard worker at all times. Prior wildland firefighter experience is generally recommended to be a successful applicant.

Applicants with little or no experience must demonstrate excellent physical fitness, a high level of teamwork, personal motivation and potential to compete for new hire positions.

Additional skills of successful applicants may include, but are not limited to: chainsaw experience, helitack qualifications, emergency medical technician certification, past National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) training and current Incident Qualification System (ICS) qualifications.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the crew superintendent or assistant superintendent early in the hiring process to ensure being a Zigzag Hotshot is the right job for them.  Those who decide to pursue our program must apply to Zigzag, OR for the hotshot crew member announcements in USA Jobs during the open period.  Selections will be made in mid-late January for the upcoming fire season.

Interested applicants are encouraged to call, email and make site visits to learn more about our program.

Permanent Vacancies
Devin Parks, Superintendent
(503) 622-2041 (Office)
(503) 708-0721 (Cell)

Temporary Vacancies
James Meisner, Assistant Superintendent
(503) 622-2040 (Office)


Zigzag Hotshots



Zigzag Hotshots


Zigzag Hotshots