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Wildland Fire Training

Fire management programs and techniques are constantly changing, changing in response to new science, changes in public policy, advances in technology, and safety and fire prevention lessons learned.

A wide range of courses are available year-round all across the country for professional wildland fire professionals to update their knowledge and skills. Many of these courses are interagency in nature, others are specific to the needs of the Forest Service.

Interagency Fire Program Management Standard (IFPM)

The Interagency Fire Program Management Standard(link is external) (IFPM) is a collaborative effort between the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Interior wildland bureaus to establish minimum qualification standards for key positions in Fire and Aviation Management (FAM).  In addtion, the U.S. Forest Service implemented an agency addendum to IFPM called the Forest Service Fire Program Management Standard (FS-FPM). 





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