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Sustainable Operations

Mission and Vision

The National Greening Fire Team's mission is to integrate sustainable operations best management practices into the fire community with a vision of achieving net zero waste at all large fire incidents by 2030.

As a fire community, we recognize that a warming climate is a critical factor that has contributed to larger, more intense wildfires over the past 20 years. These conditions have resulted in increased risks to our ecosystems, our firefighters and the public.

As a consequence, today’s fire operations are the largest in history consuming more financial resources than at any time and the projections are staggering for the next 20 years. These changes are requiring us to align our traditional land stewardship work with practices that reduce our consumption and overall use of financial and natural resources.

The National Greening Fire Team was established in 2011 and is comprised of seasonal and permanent Forest Service employees from across the nation. Its mission is to integrate sustainable operation's best management practices into the fire community.

The main focus of the team’s work is research, recommend and assist with implementation of sustainable practices at fire incidences with a focus on camps. Priority areas include:

  • Waste reduction
  • Renewable energy
  • Outreach and education
Greening Fire - Sustainable Operations

Recycling bins at fire camp on the Delta Fire.


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