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Pre-Scripted Mission Assignments (PSMAs)


PSMA-USFS-367 - Activation RRCC-JFO

PSMA-USFS-368 - Activation NRCC 

PSMA-USFS-369 - Firefighting Support: Preposition Resources

PSMA-USFS-370 - Firefighting Support:  Firefighting Resources

PSMA-USFS-371 - Logistical Facility Support Team

PSMA-USFS-372 - Logistical Facility Support Team  

PSMA-USFS-374 - Emergency Road Clearing: Preposition Wildland Firefighting Hand Crews

PSMA-USFS-375 - Emergency Road Clearing: Wildland Firefighting Hand Crews

PSMA-USFS-376 - Communications:  Radio Starter System

PSMA-USFS-379 - Command and Control Team: Area Command Team, NIMO, Full IMT, Short IMT, IMT/AHIMT

PSMA-USFS-380 - Individual Command and General Staff Members

PSMA-USFS-385 - Fire Assistance and Suppression Planners

PSMA-USFS-386 - Field Support for Firefighting Resources

PSMA Task Orders

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