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All-Hazard Incidents

Emergency Support Function #4 (ESF #4)

The U.S. Forest Service (FS) is the primary link between the interagency wildland fire community, federal structure fire-related agencies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the National Response Framework (NRF).

During disasters and other major emergencies, FS coordinates and staffs Emergency Support Function (ESF) #4 to be the face of Federal firefighting support to FEMA and other responding agencies. The purpose of Emergency Support Function #4, Firefighting (ESF #4)  is to provide Federal support for the detection and suppression of wildland, rural, and urban fires resulting from, or occurring coincidentally with, an all hazard incident requiring a coordinated national response for assistance.

The scope of ESF #4 is to coordinate firefighting activities and provide personnel, equipment, and supplies in support of local, state, tribal, territorial, and insular area agencies involved in wildland, rural and urban firefighting operations.

All Hazard Incident Information

ESF #4 Information


Hurricane Maria Aftermath (2017)


 Staging Area for Hurricane Maria (2017)




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