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U.S. Forest Service and Interagency Aviation Publications

The U.S. Forest Service National Rappel Working Team (NRWT) and the National Rappel Operations Subcommittee (ROS) developed the Forest Service National Rappel Operations Guide for agency employees conducting Forest Service helicopter rappel operations.

The primary mission of the Forest Service Emergency Medical Short-Haul Program is to ensure safe and efficient use of short-haul capabilities when and where needed.  In some cases, short-haul may be the most expedient means to get medical care to a person in need, as well as extract an injured or ill employee for transport to definitive medical care.

This Sherpa Operations Plan is designed to address operational safety, maintenance, training, and security issues related to the SD3-60 Sherpa aircraft.

The primary use of the Sherpa aircraft is to deliver smokejumpers and cargo to wildland fires and provide multi-role wildfire mission support transporting crews, teams and cargo.

Forest Service and Interagency publications are the primary vehicles by which Forest Service and Interagency policy and standards are transmitted. Publications include manuals, handbooks, standards, guides, plans, and other documents. Publications are distributed through hardcopy print, web pages, mobile device applications, and other digital media. Web portals include key information that is updated on a continuous schedule.




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