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The "National Logistics Workshop" will now be called "The National Logistics Webinar" (for short) has been planned for the week of - March 26,27,28, 2013.

The 2013 National Logistics will be a webinar based workshop. See the agenda below.

The Cadre will update this page as more information becomes available.


Greetings from the National Logistics Webinar Cadre!

I wanted to pass on some exciting news and let you know you will soon have the opportunity to register for the 2013 National Logistics Webinar. As you have recently heard from Cherie Sanders, we will no longer be hosting National Logistics Workshops but will instead be offering several interesting topics via a GoToWebinar series. Cherie will be attaching a copy of the GoToWebinar agenda or schedule which is still being finalized.
Here is how the GoToWebinar process works. You will be sent an invitation to join the GoToWebinar “National Logistics Webinar”. You are required to put in information such as your name, title, phone number, etc. and you will automatically be registered. It is recommended that you mark your calendar and print a copy of the invitation before you finalize the registration. This information is only used to register you for the webinar sessions.
If you a Microsoft Outlook user, email message with the invitation will disappear from your inbox, but an event will automatically be added to your Outlook calendar. If you do not use Outlook, the email invitation will remain in your email system. In order for you to attend the webinar sessions you can either call in using the phone information provided on the invitation or simply log into the GoToWebinar event by clicking on the live link contained on the original invitation or the follow-up reminder sent to your computer before the event begins. I believe you are sent a reminder the day before the event begins, and 15-minutes before the start of the event.
If you are attending the webinars via your work computer, it is recommended that you use a headset. This will help cut out the background noise. You can also elect to listen to the webinar using your standard computer speakers. All attendees will be automatically muted and our presenters (called “panelists”) will go through their PowerPoint presentations using microphones. Attendees are asked to hold their questions to the end of the panelist presentations, and you can actually type in your questions in a little “chat” or dialogue box.
Another excellent innovation is that we will record all of the presentations. The presentations can then be viewed at a later date by those who wanted to hear it again, or for those who were unable to attend the “live broadcasts”. Attendees will have maximum flexibility as they can tune in or hang up whenever they want. If you want to log back in you will need to retain your invitation or webinar reminder message to use the live link.
We will have a facilitator each day who will keep the panelists on task. Also, we hope to have someone from the Lessons Learned Center on our webinars, if we experience technical difficulties. This is a whole new experience for all of us and we look forward to hearing your feedback.
At the beginning of each morning session, the facilitator will briefly discuss the day’s schedule, and briefly introduce the panelists. The controls are electronically passed to the panelists and they control the pace of their presentation from their own computer. There will be breaks at least every two hours, and their will be a lunch break.
The panelist’s contact information will be listed on the final slide of each presentation. This will give attendees a chance to contact the panelist if you did not understand something being presented or you wish to give or receive additional information. This is also important if someone viewed a pre-recorded presentation and had some questions.
A final note, we would like you to share the invitation with others. We can accept up to 500 attendees and this is an excellent way to capture a larger audience than we had at even our biggest National Logistics Workshop ever. You do not have to attend the webinar in a meeting facility, but can do it from the comfort of your own computer. I suppose you can even tie in from a mobile device, but you obviously don’t want to be watching a webinar from a smart phone while driving.
Send Cherie a note if you do not receive an invitation or if you have other questions. You may also contact me at with questions. This all seems like a daunting challenge, but I feel confident that we will successfully pull off an excellent webinar session. The webinars will occur on March 26, March 27, and March 28. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TIMES SHOWN ON THE SCHEDULE ARE PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME. ADJUST YOUR LOCAL TIME WITH THIS IN MIND.
Thank you for participating in our National Logistics Webinar. I think we are pioneering something that can be adapted to many applications. As more personnel retire and especially as agency travel budgets shrink, your cadre members felt that this webinar process will meet the needs of our community by providing attendees crucial information.
After the webinars are over, Cherie will send out another email to inform everyone where the recorded webinars may be viewed. She will also solicit ideas of how you felt the process met your needs, and if you have additional ideas for topics that should be covered in the future.
On behalf of all our cadre members I wanted to close by saying that a lot of hard work goes into putting these things together. The end product may not be flawless, but it certainly won’t be because of a lack of effort. I believe that efforts such as the National Logistics Webinar will build a stronger logistics community.

Martin D. Maricle
NLW Co-chair

As you encounter hot topics that you want brought forward at the next National Logistics, please e-mail Cherie' Sanders with complete and specific information so the steering committee can address issues in the most efficient manor. Topics to be discussed at the next workshop can be viewed on the "Hot Topics" Page.


Call letter


2013 NL Agenda DRAFT 2/14/2013

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