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National Logistics Workshop 2005

[Photograph]: 2002 National Logistics Workshop LogoThe National Logistics 2005 Workshop was held in Reno Nevada, March 14-18, 2004 at the Atlantis Hotel Resort

This Workshop was designed to bring the most up to date information and current issues and get answers to your questions, policy, practices, laws, regulations, and all the other things that you are not sure of. This was your chance to voice your opinions and concerns or give solutions for the Logistics arena.








Workshop Documents:

NLW Agenda 2005

CTSP Agenda 2005

Workshop Presentations:

W.O.Update (.ppt 700 KB)

W.O.Update (.doc 22KB)

Lessons Learned 2004 / IC's Perspective (.ppt 50 KB)

Lessons Learned (.doc 20 KB)

Logistics Committee

India ICS overview (.ppt 25,539 KB)

India Logistics (.ppt 80,379 KB)

Communications Narrowband (.ppt 79 KB)

Communications Update (.ppt 1,039 KB)

Cache Mgr. Update (.ppt 1,492 KB)

Alaska Fire Season 2004 (.ppt 4,542 KB)

Alaska movie (.gif 38,804 KB)

Incident Base (.ppt 2,291 KB)

National MFSU Contract Changes (.ppt 26 KB)

National Contract (.doc 24 KB)

Engines and Crews (.ppt 2,291 KB)

US Coast Guard Response Resource Inventory (.ppt 349 KB)

Area Command (.ppt 569 KB)

IBPWT Changes (.ppt 44 KB)

ISuite / ROSS (.ppt 92 KB)

Smart Cards (.ppt 323 KB)


Workshop Breakouts:

Supply Unit Issues (.doc 66 KB)

Supply Unit Issues and Suggestions (.ppt 66 KB)

Ground Support Issues (.doc 31 KB)

Facilities Unit Issues (.ppt 56 KB)

Communications Unit Issues (.ppt 4,704 KB)

CTSP Issues (.ppt 116 KB)


Misc Info:

FEWT Logistics group:

IBA2 Incident Based Automation Strategic Planning Project:

SPUL Breakout requested documents FYI:

2004 WIMT#4 Oredering Process (.doc 39KB)

2004 WIMT#4 Loss or Damage of Property on an Incident (.doc 26 KB)

WIMT#4 Logistics Cheet Sheet (.doc 36KB):

WIMT#4 Supply Transition Process: (.doc 26KB)


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