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  The Logistics Section Web site was designed to be user friendly and to provide assistance to any incident management personnel for information related to Logistics functions and to provide helpful hints.Specific information is contained within each unit on this web site.


Covered under the Logistics Section Chief area will be: Service Branch Director and Support Branch Director. These positions are designed to expand the organization when necessary or when span of control is to great.More.

Support Branch Director:

(when activated) is responsible for development and implementation of logistics plans in support of the incident action plan. The Support Branch Director supervises the operations of the Ground Support, Facilities, and Supply units.More.

Service Branch Director:

(when activated) is responsible for the management of all service activities at the incident. The Service Branch Director supervises the operations of the Communication, Medical and Food units.More.

Logistics Units are:

Ground Support:
This unit is responsible for (1) transportation of personnel, supplies, food and equipment; (2) fueling, service, maintenance, and repair of vehicles and other ground support equipment; (3) support of out-or service resources; and (4) developing and implementing Incident Transportation Plan. More.

Communication Unit:
This unit is responsible for developing plans for the effective use of incident communications equipment, and facilities; installing and testing of communications equipment; supervision of the Incident Communications Center; distribution of communications equipment to incident personnel; and the maintenance and repair of communications equipment.More.

Facilities Unit:
This unit is responsible for the layout and operation of incident facilities (Base, Camp(s), and Incident Command Post). The unit manages base and camp(s) operations. Each base/ camp may be assigned a manager.More.

Medical Unit:
This unit is responsible for the development of the Medical Emergency Plan, obtaining medical aid and transportation for injured or ill incident personnel, and preparation of reports and records.More.

Supply Unit:
This unit is primarily responsible for ordering personnel, equipment and supplies; receiving, and storing all supplies for the incident; maintaining an inventory of supplies and servicing non-expendable supplies and equipment..More.

Food Unit:
The Food Unit is responsible for determining the feeding requirements at all incident facilities. Menu planning; cooking facilities requirements; food preparation; serving; providing potable water, and general maintenance of the food service areas are the responsibilities of this unit. More.

Each of the above are unit leaders and have functional areas that are listed within each category. Unit specifics are listed in each respective area.


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New Information:

National Logistics Workshop will be a webinar this year March 26,27,28


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A forum for Logistics practitioners to share information and exchange ideas. Incident Logistitions are encouraged to create there own topic within this community.

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