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Safety and Crime Prevention

  • A yellow triangle sign with an exclamation point in the middle.Personal Safety Tips
    Traveler Safety, Personal Security at ATMs, Parking Lot Safety...
  • Abandon Mines
    Abandoned mine sites are a great safety hazards. Many of these structures contain dilapidated frames, open shafts, and water-filled pits. The dangers that are found in the mines include old explosives, hazardous chemicals, bats, snakes, spiders, bobcats, mountain lions and other predators.  Falls and cave-ins are common in these old mines.
  • Wildland Fire Information
    You can help prevent unwanted wildland fires!
  • No Trace Ethic
    Keeping back-country areas in their wild state is something we all can do by practicing "No Trace Ethics." "No Trace" guidelines have all been designed to aid in the protection of all back-country and wilderness areas. By following these guidelines, we can better protect the land and lessen the sights and sounds of our visits.
  • Archeological Resources Protection
    U.S. Forest Service personnel are trained in archeological investigation and the subsequent prosecution of the crimes.
  • Motorized Use
    Hikers, bicyclists, equestrians and off-highway vehicle recreationists all have certain things in common, such as a love of the outdoors and the use of some means of transportation to get where they are going.
  • Bear Facts
    Hiking and camping restrictions are occasionally in effect as a result of bear activity. Safe traveling in bear country begins before you get on the trail. Learning about bears before you come to the forest can help you avoid a confrontation.  
  • Dangers of Meth Labs
    As an environmental hazard, the byproducts of meth labs contaminate their surroundings with harmful fumes and highly explosive chemical compounds.  Abandoned meth labs are basically time bombs, waiting for the single spark that can ignite the contents of the lab.  In the hands of the untrained chemists simultaneously using meth and working with the flammable chemical components, a working meth lab is just as unsafe.
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